How to Upgrade GoClixy?

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to upgrade GoClixy - Scripts on a web server.

Warning: The upgrade may remove all your existing customizations such as changes to the fields section, design modifications, etc. Take a backup before updating.

Most of the time, you get a notification with an Update button in the Admin Panel, you need to simply click on that button to update your website to the latest version. If the update is a major release like version 5.0.5 where we have updated several tables and added new modules, you have to perform the manual upgrade.

Manual Upgrade

  • Perform new version installation in a subfolder v5 on your domain root. For example, if your website URL is then the v5 must be accessible via URL: For step-by-step instructions on installation, go through our manual at:
  • After installation, modify the v5/public_html/.htaccess file and update the RewriteBase at line 203 to RewriteBase /v5/public_html/. Save the file. This will make the internal links work.
  • Get the database credentials ($db['default'] complete array from line no. 75 to 95) from your existing installed website directory application/config/database.php and paste them to the end of the v5/application/config/database.php file. Rename $db['default'] to $db['olddb'] and save the file.
  • Run the update script
  • Click the blue button to update your website to the latest version.

GoClixy Script Update

  • Once the update is done, you will see a success message at the top.
  • Go through the updated version at, if you are satisfied with the upgrade, move the content to the root folder.
  • Make a backup directory on your server to move existing files. Move existing files and folders to the backup directory.
  • Move files and folders from the v5 folder to the root folder.