Comments allow GoClixy visitors to have a discussion with each other. When you activate comments on a Listing, GoClixy inserts several text boxes after listing description where users can submit their comments. Once a comment is approved, it appears underneath the listing description.

The available settings for comments are listed under theĀ Settings->Settings->Listings tab in your GoClixy admin panel.

To manage comments, you will need to login to your GoClixy Dashboard. Once you have logged into your Admin Panel, go to Content->Comments to bring up the window to manage submitted comments.



  • Approve: Accept a comment as satisfactory.

  • Disapprove: Make a comment inactive and send it to Waiting for Approval tab.

  • Flag: You can flag comments for yourself, as visual reminders to take action later.

  • Mark as Spam: If you notice a lot of Spam containing a specific pattern such as the same IP address or the same content you can mark those comments as spam.

  • Reject: If a comment is not acceptable, the administrator can reject the comment.

  • Delete: Delete a comment. Comment deletion will not remove the comment from the system until it is Purged completely from the Deleted tab. Deleted comments can also be restored using the Restore button. Purged comments are gone forever.

Comment Deleted


  • All Comments: All comments which are not deleted
  • Approved: Comments which are approved by the administrator
  • Waiting for Approval: Newly submitted comments
  • Flagged: Visual reminder comments
  • Spammed: Unsolicited Comments
  • Rejected: Unacceptable comments
  • Deleted: Deleted Comments

How to edit a comment?

To edit a comment, click the View button under Action as shown below:

Comments Action

Update status and click the Save button. You can also change the comment text.
Comments Edit

How to search for a comment?

To search a comment, use the search text box given on the comments home page.

Comments Search

Enter either comment id/ listing title/name of the user (who submitted the comment) or posted date and click the Go button.