Tags are the SEO keywords and phrases in a business listing that make it possible for the visitor to find business information via search engines. A business listing that is well optimized for search engines speaks the same language as it's base potential visitors with keywords for SEO to help them to connect to your site.

New keywords added to a listing by the business owner will be displayed in the Inactive tab. The administrator must manually enable new keywords in order to display them to the frontend visitors.

To make a tag Active or Inactive, click its status (Active or Inactive ) in the Status column.

To change the status of several keywords, select them using the checkbox and click the Activate or Deactivate button. You can also delete keyword(s) by clicking the Delete button.

To add a new keyword, type the keyword in the Name field and click the Save button.

To modify an existing keyword, simply click its name under the Name column, change the information and then click the Save button.

To search a keyword, type its ID/Name/Created Date in the Search Box and click the Go button.

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