Warning: Do not modify default fields, this may result in errors.

How to add a field to the Form?

  • Login to the Admin Panel, go to Developer->Fields to add a new field to the forms.
  • Click the Create Field tab in the upper right corner.
  • Use checkboxes under the Applicable Modules to select Modules. For instance, if you want to add a field to the registration form, check the Registrations checkbox. Similarly, check other modules to add the field to them.
  • Select Core as the Type.
    • Core: A core field must exist in the database table of the selected modules. Note: only core fields can be managed through packages.
    • Custom: A custom field value is stored in the metas table. If you change a field type from custom to core, you need to manually remove the field information from the metas table to delete only values.
  • Give a Name to your field. E.g. signature, company_name, company_tax etc. The name must be in small letters without any space and special characters. Use underscore instead of space.
  • Select an Icon for your field.
  • Select a Field Group. This is the group under which your field will be displayed.
  • Select options from the Field For checkboxes:
    • Frontend Index: Display this field to the user on the Edit index page.
    • Admin Index: Display field to the Admin on the Index page.
    • Frontend: Display field to the user on the Edit form.
    • Admin Only: Display field to the Admin on the Edit form.
    • Status: Check the Status checkbox to make this field active. The field must be active only then it will be visible to a user.
  • Select a Field Type
    • None: The field will not be displayed on the Form
    • Hidden: The field will not be displayed, but it will exist on the form.
    • Text: The field will be an Input field.
    • Checkbox: The checkbox is shown as a square box that is ticked (checked) when activated. Checkboxes are used to let a user select one or more options for a limited number of choices.
    • Radio: Select the Radio checkbox to let a user select only one of a limited number of choices.
    • Textarea: A text area can hold an unlimited number of characters.
  • Enter a Label. This is used to tell users the value that should be entered in the associated Input Field.
  • Check The Label Text is a Language String? only if the label text is a multilanguage string. The multilanguage string must be manually added to the application/application_lang.php file.
  • Leave the Field Extra field blank. This is used to pass extra parameters to a field.
  • Select validation rules as per your requirements. Always select TRIM for all fields. If you want to validate phone number only, check the valid_phone validation rule. If you want to have only numeric values select 0-9. To restrict values to a specific limit use custom validation rules and set it max_length[10]. This will allow user to enter 10 digits only.
  • Click the Save button to save your field.

Order Fields

You can move the position of the fields with this option.

  • Select the form using the Module field.
  • If you want to arrange fields under a specific group, select that group from the Group dropdown field.
  • Click the Load Fields button to view all fields.
  • Drag and drop fields as per your requirements and click the Save button.

Note: Validation rule errors are displayed based on the orders of the fields added to the form. To display validation errors in the order, select All as the Group and change positions accordingly.

Synchronize Fields

After adding a field, use this option to automatically add fields to the database tables. This is must for core fields.


By default, all forms are displayed in a tabbed format. You can change the form formatting using the Settings option.

Select the appropriate module from the left menu to change the layout.

  • Frontend: Frontend forms displayed to the registered or non registered users.
  • Admin Only: Form layouts loaded in the Admin Panel.
  • Mobile: Forms layout in the Mobile App.
  • None: Display form without tabs and groups.
  • Tabs: Display form in tabs, the group name will be displayed as the tab title.
  • Fieldset: Display form without tabs, but the fields are organized in Groups.

Only applicable to tabs layout.

  • Default: Simple tabs
  • Simple: Simple tabs
  • Wizard: Display group name with icons.

Click the Save & Exit button to save your settings.


Unable to save form after field change?

  • Login to your Hosting Panel, go to your site database via PHPMyAdmin.
  • It must exist in the modules (e.g. rs0d_users) table. 
  • If a field does not exist, create a new TEXT field with the same name you added via Developer->Fields in the database.