Email queue


Your email must be working to send messages to the user.

  • System Email: The email ID that will be used to send emails.
  • Email Type: Email can be sent in several formats:

    • HTML: Emails with formatting and semantic markup capabilities. HTML emails are like web pages with images, colors and tables.
    • Text: Plain email with no formatting options such as bold, italics, underlines, and special layout options.
  • Email Server:

    • Mail: Server's built in mail function to send mail. Recommended: if you want to send email using your own server.
    • Sendemail: An MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) uses SMTP to send email.
    • SMTP: In case, if you have a separate mail server. For example, If you want to use the mail server of Google, then use the SMTP protocol.

Note: By default, the email password must not be greater than 20 characters and it can only contain Capital, Small and !@#\%$^&+= characters.

Please test all the above settings by sending a test mail to your personal account. If the above settings are not correct, you may confront with some warning messages

Email Queue Settings

Note: If your email settings don't work, please configure them in your favorite email client like Outlook or Microsoft Outlook and try to send a test email. Email configuration is similar to your email client settings.


HTML email header and footer sections will be taken from this template.

To modify the email template, click the Template link, paste your Header and Footer information and click the Save button.

Email Queue Template


When you send bulk emails, the mail server puts automatically them in a queue with other messages: the delivery starts from the first ones and then continues with the others. To view these email, click the Queue link.
Email Queue

To start the delivery process, select messages and click the Process Now button.

You can also test queue, by inserting a test email.

To insert a Test Email, click the Insert Test Email button.

Send New Email

  • To send a new email to one or more users, click on the Send New Email link.
  • Type Subject and Content
  • Select users by checking the box to the left of the ID column and click the Send New Email button.

Email Queue Send Email

Send Subscriber Email

Subscribers are users who have subscribed to a newsletter on your website. With the help of this module, you can create and send HTML newsletters to subscribers. The functionality of this module is similar to the Send New Email module described above.