Sms gateways

SMS Gateway allows your website visitors to send information via SMS messages to other people. If you have enabled the OTP login and signup, you must setup a SMS gateway.

By default, GoClixy supports LK Infotech, Nexmo and SMS Global Gateways but you can also have your own SMS gateway.

SMS Gateways

To edit SMS Gateway settings, click the gateway under the Display Name column. Paste your settings and click the Save button as shown below.

SMS Gateways Nexmo

How to configure your own SMS Gateway?

Any SMS Gateway that works with query string parameters can be configured using the Global Gateway option.

  • Log in to the Admin Panel, go to Settings->SMS Gateways.

Visit SMS Gateways

  • Click on the Global Gateway link.

Global Gateway Link

  • Get the API URL from your SMS Gateway provider. A link similar to the URL below:

  • Add your query string parameters as shown below and click the Save button.

Add Query String Parameters

  • A link will be generated.


Note: the generated URL must match your API URL except the phone number and the message fields.

  • Click the Send Test SMS tab in the upper right corner to Test your SMS configurations.

Send Test SMS Link

  • Enter your phone number and click the Send Test SMS button.

Send Test SMS

How to Add Template ID to a Message?

SMS text is hardcoded in the language files. You must modify the language files for template id.

For instance, if you want to have a template id in the OTP message, edit the application/modules/users/language/english/users_lang.php file.

Search for the OTP message OTP is %s for your registration at %s valid till %s.

Add Template ID to the end of string like.

OTP is %s for your registration at %s valid till %s.###TEMPLATE ID###

Replace TEMPLATE ID with your OTP template ID.

You could also edit the language files through the Admin Panel via Developer->Translate.