Google business

What is Google Business feature?

If you want to succeed with a business directory website, do not fill it with duplicate listings. Google will penalize your website for duplicate content.

If you want to display businesses on each keyword, just enable the Google Business option and your directory website will start showing the results from Google on non existing keywords.

For more information on Usage and Pricing, please visit:

How to enable Google Business option?

Google Businesses

  • Login to the Admin Panel.
  • Go to Settings->Settings->Listing tab.
  • Check the Enable Google Business? checkbox.
  • All Google Maps Platform API requests must include an API key, so generate a separate key for your domain and enter it in the Google Places API input field under the Main Settings tab.
  • Click the Save button to save your settings.

Google Listings on View Page

Google Businesses on View Page

Google Listing Detail Page

Google Business Detail Page

How to get a API Key?

  • Go to and create a new project if you have not one.
  • Click on the ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES on the Dashboard.
  • Search for the Places API and enable it.
  • Click on the Credentials link and generate a new API Key.
  • Copy the API Key
  • Login to the Admin Panel, go to Settings->Settings->Main Settings and update¬†your¬†API Key.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to set the per day limit on Google Places API. Also restrict it to your specific domain.