SMS Template DLT Platform

Listing Share (goclixy_lang.php):

%s, %s, %s, For complete info, visit %s

OTP Registration (users_lang.php):

OTP is %s for your registration at %s valid till %s.

Notify Listing Owner about SMS Enquiry (goclixy_lang.php):

%s enquired about you on %s.

SMS Testing:

Congratulations! Your SMS settings are working!

Note: The %s is a dynamic value, and it will be replaced automatically on message send.

How to Add Template ID to a Message?

SMS text is hardcoded in the language files. You must modify the language files for template id.

For instance, if you want to have a template id in the OTP message, edit the application/modules/users/language/english/users_lang.php file.

Search for the OTP message OTP is %s for your registration at %s valid till %s.

Add Template ID to the end of string like.

OTP is %s for your registration at %s valid till %s.###TEMPLATE ID###

Replace TEMPLATE ID with your OTP template ID.

You could also edit the language files through the Admin Panel via Developer->Translate.