Database Tools


Database maintenance is an activity aimed at maintaining a database that works well. The database maintenance is usually carried out by people who are comfortable and familiar with the database system and the specifics of the particular database, although certain maintenance tasks can be performed by people who do not have experience. Database maintenance is required to keep the database clean and well organized so that it will run smoothly.

An important aspect of database maintenance is simply to save the data so that if something happens, there will be another copy available.  The maintenance also includes checking signs of corruption in the database, looking for problem areas, indexes rebuilding, duplicate deletion, and checking abnormalities that could cause a problem; therefore, to take a database backup, go to Developer->Database Tools and click on Maintenance. Select all tables by checking the box to the left of the Table column. Chose Backup from the dropdown and click the Apply button. Similarly, you can Repair, Optimize and Drop a table or a database.


This tab allows you to download the backed up database file. You can also restore the database to the previous version from this interface.