The tax rate is simply the percentage of your website income that a government takes in taxes. You can collect taxes from the users on the sales made from your website. To view all taxes, go to Financial and click Tax Rates.

Tax Rates

Admin can set sales tax rates manually in a few quick steps. To add or modify tax rates, go to Financial->Tax Rates in your Admin Area.

Tax Rates Form

  • Name: Type a name for the tax rate
  • Country and State: Select country and state where this tax rate is applicable. If you are not in the US, you can enable various types of international taxes. If the tax rate applies to all states of the US, simply enter the percentage at the bottom and Save.
  • Tax Rate (%): Enter the tax rate in decimal. Do not use the % sign.

Now, on the frontend, the final checkout cost estimator shows the appropriate tax for the country and state you set up.