One of the best forms of marketing where you can reward points to other online users, known as affiliates, for referring new businesses to your directory portal. Once they have earned enough points they can exchange them for a direct payment.

How to Set Affiliate Points in the Admin Panel?

  • Go to the Financial context and visit the Affiliates link.
  • Click on the Settings Tab in the upper right corner to set points for different modules like listings, products, blogs, and etc.

Settings Affiliate Points

  • For demonstration purpose, assign five points for every newly added Listing, four points for Product and one for the Classified.
  • Click the save button.

Member Area

  • The user can see the Affiliate Referral URL under the Affiliates link.

Member Area - Affiliates

  • The user has to share the link for earning affiliate points and commissions.
  • All the points that the user can earn will be displayed under the Points tab.

When someone uses an affiliate link that has a referral ID attached to it, they receive a cookie when they arrive on your business directory website. On new user signup and module (listings, products, blogs, etc.) add, the referring user will receive points for each unique referral. If you reward the records, the cookie the user received will trigger the payout once they finished registration.

My Points

  • The earned points will be displayed under the Points link.
  • The user can also credit these points to their wallet.