With the help of the Pages module, you can add unlimited custom pages on your website. You can also give a unique look at specific pages and layouts on your website.

Edit an Existing Page

To edit a page, simply click its title as shown above. Change the information and then click the Save button.

Delete a Page

The Delete feature allows you to remove multiple pages (permanently deleting them right away). Once an item is deleted, it cannot be restored. You can also delete a page from the Edit section.

Order Pages

Pages are usually displayed in the order they were added to the application, but you can choose your own order.

  • To change order, go to Content->Pages and click the Order Pages tab.
  • Drag and drop the pages to change their orders and then click the Save button.

Order Page

How to Add a Widget on a Page?

You can also add one or more widgets to a page. For instance, if you want to display packages on the Pricing page, steps will be as follows:

  • Go to Developer->Themes, search for Pricing Widget and click the Shortcode. Copy the Shortcode (e.g. {widget}id:106|type_id:0|cols:3{/widget}) under the Pages Widget.
  • Edit the page and paste the Shortcode in the Body field. You can also change parameters (except ID). If you want to display Advertising Packages instead of Subscription packages, change the type_id to 1.
  • Click the Save button.