Mobile App Build Requirements

After payment, please send us the following details and files:

  • Website FTP Login details for security setup.
  • Facebook and Gmail Login Details for Social Login and Push Notifications setup.
  • Four Images
  1. Logo: 128x128 px (png file)
  2. Background: 1920x1280 px (jpg file) - Background image is optional, if not provided; we will use the default background.
  3. Icon: 1024x1024 px (png file) - The icon image should have no corners.
  4. Splash Screen: 2800x2800 px (png file) - Artwork should be centered, each image will be center cropped into landscape and portrait images.

Note: We will provide APK and IPA files only, you need to upload them through your Google Play and Apple Store Accounts. Google Playstore Developer accounts costs $25/Lifetime and the Apple Store costs $99/year. For more information on how to publish App on Playstores, please visit:

Note: Apple does not allow any third party subscription systems in an application, therefore, you need to disable the GoClixy package purchase module before submitting the IPA file on Apple Store. Apple has its own subscription system (in-app purchases) that is currently not supported by GoClixy. Apple charges 30% commission for each payment through the in-app purchases section.