GoClixy categories are a very convenient way to organize your listings. You can have parent and child categories making the hierarchical arrangement of your listings possible. In addition to that, one listing can be into more than one category.

  • Counts: This displays the total number of listings in a particular category. The same count is also shown to the home page and on the category page. You must click the Update Counts tab on the top right corner to update this count. You can also create a cronjob for this task. For more info, please visit the cronjobs page.
  • Hits: This shows the total number of visits to a particular category.
  • View Subcategories: Click this link to view all the subcategories in a particular category.
  • Counts: Counts under Actions displays the total number of listings, products, blogs, etc. in a particular category.
  • Active/Inactive: You can change the status of a category using the Active/Inactive button. You can also change the status of a category from the Edit page.
  • View: Click this button for the category detail page.

How to Add/Edit a Category

In order to add a category, log in to the admin area and go to Content -> Categories. Click on the New Category tab in the top right-hand corner.

Category Home

To add a category, simply type its name in the Category Name field. If you wish, you can also type a category slug, description and choose a parent item. Then click Save and your new category will be created.

New Category

How to Order Categories?

  • Click the Order Categories tab in the upper tab section.
  • Drag categories and click the Save button to save your order.

How to delete a Category?

To delete an existing category, select it using a checkbox and then click the Delete button. You can select multiple checkboxes in order to delete multiple categories.

Delete Category

You can also delete a category from the Edit page. The delete button is given at the end of the page.

Note: We provide GoClixy with sample data which includes all categories and subcategories.