Dashboard typically indicates items that are related to the financial activities at the top of the page, moving into less important statistics at the bottom. All the information is organized and presented in a way that is easy to read.


The above screen shows the number of orders placed today, yesterday, this month and all the time.

Statistics Financial

The left side shows the number of visitors visited within the last 7 days. This information is gathered from Google Analytics; therefore, you need to configure your Google Analytical account first, in order to see this graph. To configure Google Analytics settings, please visit theĀ Settings->Settings->Analytics section. Admin can also change the number of days to be shown on the graph.

The right-hand side shows the number of orders placed in the last month. You can also see day wise order details by hovering mouse on the dotted symbol.


These are the total number of profiles that exist on your website. Admin can easily find out the number of online, inactive, featured, deleted and spammed profiles.

The above figure shows the number of profiles under each package.

A total number of images added under Profile are shown in this block. Count of newly added images or images that require activation or which are activated is displayed here.

The total number of usersĀ on your website are shown in this block. Count of newly added users or users that require activation is also displayed.