Most of the currencies are already setup in GoClixy scripts, if your currency is not in the list, you can easily add it through the Currencies module.

How do I add a new currency?

Adding a new currency is very simple.

  • Login to the GoClixy admin panel and go to Settings->Currencies.
  • Enter the details for your new currency. For instance, to add Canadian Dollars, use:

    • Code: CAD
    • Symbol: $
    • Name: Canadian Dollar
  • Click the Save button.

Name Name of the currency.
Code: Code of the currency and it must be in uppercase.
Symbol: Currency symbol if the currency has one.

You should now see this currency available in the currency dropdowns in the configuration of Settings->Settings.

To edit a currency, click the currency code under the Code column. Modify the information and click the Save button.

To delete a currency, select the currency by checking the box to the left of the Code column and click the Delete button.

To change the status, click the existing status of the currency as shown above.