For bulk import locations, login to your site Admin Panel and visit Settings->Import/Exporter->Importer.

Google Places API

If you do not want to enter all locations manually to your directory website, enable the Google Places API by checking the Enable Google Places API for Cities selection checkbox option through the Admin Panel via Settings->Settings->Listing tab. Do not enable this option if you want to restrict your directory website to some specific cities.

This is the best option to get Cities data from a database used by Google Maps and Google+ Local. It has also some limitations like per day restrictions, the extra overhead of key generation, etc. For more information on pricing and usage limit, visit:

Note: Google Places API has a per-day usage limitation, so generate a new key for your directory website and use it. Our demo API key is configured on several websites, using it will not always populate the city's field.

How to generate an API Key

  • Go to https://console.developers.google.com and create a new project.
  • Under APIs & Services, visit Credentials.
  • Click the Create credentials button and select theĀ API key from the options. This will generate a new API key for you.

Generate API Key

  • Click the pencil button to edit the generated API.

Edit API Key

  • Give a name to your API e.g. Google Places API
  • Follow Optional steps only to restrict this API to a specific domain.
  • Select the HTTP referrers (web sites) option (Optional).
  • Enter your domain name under the Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web sites) (Optional):
  • https://.goclixy.com/
  • goclixy.com/
  • .goclixy.com/

Configure API

  • Click the Dashboard link under APIs & Services to enable Google Places.

Enable API

  • Search and click the Places API to enable it.

Search and Enable

  • Once you have the API key, log in to your site Admin Panel and visit the Settings->Settings link.
  • Scroll down and search for the Google API Key field under the Main Settings tab.
  • Enter your key in the Google API Key input field and click the Save button.

Manually Adding Locations

How to Bulk Import Locations from GoClixy Server?

Instead of adding locations manually, you can also import them from the GoClixy server.

Bulk Import Locations

  • Login to the GoClixy Admin Panel, go to Settings->Locations and click the Bulk Import tab in the top right corner.
  • If you want to remove all existing locations first, click the Remove Existing Locations button.
  • Select your country from the Country dropdown list.
  • Chose GoClixy Servers as the Import From.
  • Select a Transaction Type:

    • Insert Only: Insert new locations only.
    • Insert and Update: Insert new locations and update the existing one.
  • Click the Import button.


Country Home

How to add a country?

  • To add a new country to the countries list, log in to the GoClixy Admin Panel and go to Settings->Locations and click the Add New Country link on the top right corner.
  • Fill the information as described below and click the Save button.

    • ISO: Two letters country code
    • Name: Name of the Country
    • Printable Name: Printable name of the country
    • ISO 3: Three letters country code
    • Numcode: Three digits UN numeric code
      Country Form

To edit a country, click the country name under the Name column, change the information and click the Save button.

To delete a country, select the country by checking the box to the left of the ID column and click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.


  • To add a new state, login to the GoClixy Admin Panel and go to Settings->Locations.
  • Click the View States button under the Action column on Country Home Page.
  • Enter the State Code, State Name and click the Save button.

States Home

To edit a state, click state name under the Name column, change the information and click the Save button.

To delete a state, select state by marking the checkbox to the left of the ID column and click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

Note: You can also translate the State text in the County. To translate text, go to Developer->Translate and click the application_lang.php file. Search and replace all occurrences of State with the County.


Add/edit and delete the process of Cities is similar to the States.

  • City Code: Code of the City
  • City Name: Name of the City
  • City Description: Description of the city. This will be displayed to the frontend visitors when they will browse a city.
    Cities Home


Locality is an Area within a City. Add, Edit and Delete process of localities is similar to the States.
Localities Home