Social Login

With the help of social login module, you can make it easy to authenticate users with a wide variety of well known social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Live, LinkedIn, and FourSquare.

Users Social Login

  • To integrate social login, log in to the GoClixy Admin Panel and choose Settings->Users->HybridAuth Management
  • Click the Enable button
  • Select the Login Type/Provider you want to activate by marking the checkbox to the left of the Provider column.
  • Enter Key/ID and Secret value
  • Click the Save Settings button.


  • Visit
  • Login with your personal account and register as a developer
  • Under My Apps, click the Add a new app link and select Website.
  • Enter your website address and click the Create New Facebook App ID button.
  • Under Account->Application Settings, click on your application's profile, then go to Edit Application.
  • Copy App ID and Secret Key
  • Go to Replace xxxxxxxxxxxxx with your Facebook App ID.
  • Add the following URL: https://YOUR DOMAIN NAME/index.php/users/endpoint?hauth_done=Facebook in the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs list and click the Save button.
  • Facebook Valid OAuth Redirect URIs



  • Go to and create a new project.
  • Under APIs & auth, select Credentials, click the OAuth consent screen tab and give a Product name. Click the Save button.
  • Click on Credentials and click the Add credentials button. First select OAuth 2.0 client ID from the options and then select Web application from the Application type. Fill the details and click the Save button.

    • Name: example
    • Authorized JavaScript origins:
    • Authorized redirect URIs:
  • Click the APIs link under APIs & auth, search for Contacts and Google+ API and enable them.

As per the Google announcement on May 11, 2017

"Publicly available applications with access to certain user data must pass review. If you see an access error for your app, submit a request using our OAuth Developer Verification form."

Visit the URL given below and fill the form. Google will review your request and enable the Gmail Login.


Note: Do not enable the Twitter login, Twitter does not return an email address and email is must for GoClixy login.

  • Login to your Twitter Account and visit:
  • Click the Create New App button
  • Fill the form to get Key/ID and Secret Value
  • Edit authentication settings.
  • Enable Enable 3-legged OAuth and Request email address from users
  • Add your Terms of service and Privacy Policy URL
  • Add following as the callback urls: