Login to the Admin Panel and visit Content->Profiles section to view all the added profiles.

You can also assign profiles to Telecallers and Franchises.

How to Add a Franchise/Telecaller?

  • Go to Settings->Users and click on the New User link.
  • Fill the User information
  • If you are adding a franchise, change the Role to the Franchise. Similarly, you can make a user Telecaller by changing the Role to the Telecaller.

How to Assign Profiles to Franchise/Telecaller?

  • Visit Content->Profiles and click on the Assing Profiles link.
  • Select the approproiate option from the To field.
  • Change the IDs field value as per your requirements. If you want to assign 10 profiles from id 1 to 10 to a franchise, change the IDs field to 1 and 10. You can find profiles ids via Content->Profiles->All.
  • Type the email or name of the franchise/telecaller in the User field and select it from the list.
  • Click the Submit button to save your changes.

If you want to assign specific profiles to a Franchise/Telecaller, visit the Content->Profiles section. Use the checkbox to select profiles and click the Assign Profiles button in the Footer.

How to View/Modify Franchise/Telecaller Permissions?

  • Visit Settings->Roles and select the Role whose permissions you want to view or modify.
  • Use the checkboxes to add/modify permissions of a specific role.

What is Update Age?

After changing the Date of Birth of a profile, the age must be recalculated. In order to update the age, the Update Age option is added to the Profiles section. By default, Cronjob runs in the background to perform this task. If you want to manually update age of all profiles:

  • Visit Content->Profiles->Update Age section.
  • Select IDs of profiles whose age you want to update. If you want to update the age of profiles whose ID is between 1 to 100, set the IDs field value to 1 and 100. You can find the profile ID via Content->Profiles section.
  • Select a Transaction Type:
    • Insert Only: Update only those profiles for which the age is not calculated.
    • Insert and Update: Update age of all profiles, regardless of whether the age is calculated previously or not.
  • Click the Submit button.

How to change the Profile ID and Registration Age (Settings)?

  • Visit Content->Profiles->Settings section. The input fields are as follows:
    • Profile Prefix: This is the string that will be prepended with each profile. Any change to the Profile Prefix will be applicable to new profiles only.
    • Franchise Prefix: Similarly to the Profile Prefix, you can add a word or number before the Franchise ID.
    • Profile Length: These are the number of characters to be used in the Profile ID. By default, the profile id length is 8.
    • Minimum Age: The minimum age required for profile registration.
    • Maximum Age: The maximum age limit for profile registration.
    • Horoscope Chakra: Default style of the Horoscope. If the User Select is selected, the user will have a dropdown to select a chart type.
  • Make the changes as per your requirements and click the Save button.

What is Profile Grouping and how to manage it?

You can group profiles by fields and give them a name. For instance, if you want to display profiles that have sports information added, you can add a group as follows:

  • Visit Content->Profiles->Profile Grouping
  • Give a name to your group. e.g. Sports Lover
  • If the group_name is a language or translable string, check the Language String? checkbox.
  • Check the Status checkbox to make your group active.
  • Check the checkboxes to add fields to your groups. In case of Sports Lover, we will check all the checkboxes of Sports field. A click on the Sports Lover group will display all the profiles where the sports information is added by the user.
  • Click the Save button.

How to modify Profile Percentage settings?

  • Visit Developer->Groups, under the Profile Percent section, click the blue percentage button.
  • This will display you all the fields available under that Group.
  • Update the value as per your requirements and click the Save button.
  • If you want to enable percentage for a specific group fields that currently does not have the percentage button, edit that group, check the Profiles Percents checkbox in the footer (Applicable Modules section) and click the Save button.

How to download profiles in PDF/XLS Format?

Go to Content->Profiles and click the PDF button to generate the PDF file. By default, this will display the limited profiles in the PDF file. Similarly click on the XLS/XLSX icon to generate the Excel file.

To generate a PDF/EXCEL of 1000 or more profiles, go to Settings->Settings->Main Settings tab and change the Items per page limit to 1000 or more and click the Save button. Revisit the Content->Profiles section and click the PDF/EXCEL button. After generating the PDF/EXCEL file, reset the Items per page limit to its default (e.g. 25).

To add a new field e.g Phone Number to the PDF file, go to Developer->Fields, edit the Phone Number field and check the Display in PDF/Excel Reports? checkbox. Do this for all the fields you want to display in the PDF/Excel file. 
In order to display profiles in continuous order, go to Content->Profiles and click the ID in the table header to order the profiles in continuous order, generate the PDF/Excel thereafter.