Main Settings

Site Name: Name of the Website

Site Logo: Upload your Company logo in PNG, JPG/JPEG or GIF format. The maximum file size should not be larger than 70KB and the image resolution width and height should not exceed 163x45 pixels.

Site Email: Email that will be shown on the frontend.

Site Status:   Set site status.  If your website is in offline mode your visitors will see a maintenance mode page. Note: If you are logged in as an administrator, offline mode will not work in your browser. You must be logged out to view the offline mode. 

Items per page (Admin Panel): Number of items that would be visible while viewing reports. For example, if you have 30 listings and the field value is 25 then only 25 will be displayed on the first page and for remaining admin has to make use of pagination given at the bottom. These settings will be applied to all modules.

Frontend items per page: Similar to Items per page as described above, but this is for the frontend visitors. For instance, when a visitor search for a keyword that has 100 of the results, if the field value is 10 then only 10 will be displayed on the view page, for remaining visitor has to make use of the pagination.

Default Language: GoClixy offers content in more than one language.

Languages: List of the available languages. Select the languages that will be available to frontend visitors. To translate your website to another language, go to Developer->Translate. Select language for conversion, click application_lang.php file, modify the text and click the Save button.

Default Currency: Set the default currency for your website. You can configure the currencies you wish to use on your website in Settings->Currencies. By default, the base currency would be this value.


Theme Settings

  • Enable Theme Switcher: GoClixy has different styles. Check this box to allow users to change the theme color scheme.
  • Default Theme: Set a default color scheme for your website. 

Header Settings

  • Display Top Menu: Check this box to display pages link in the header. To manage pages, go to Content->Pages->Manage Pages. Note: Page location must be set to either Header or Both.
  • Display Email:  Display Site Email in the header.
  • Allow Language Selection: Allow users to change the language of the site. By checking this option you are allowing visitors to choose from several languages. Useful, if your site is in more than one language. 
  • Call Us: Enter your company tollfree or contact us number. Leave blank to disable this block.

Search Settings

Search Block - 1

Search Block -2

Search Block - 3

  • Define Search Block: GoClixy has three search blocks as shown above. Select the one that best suits your needs.
    • Default Search: Allow the user to search in a particular city and locality. The user must fill the city first and then enter their keyword in the search box, locality/area is optional. There are three controls:
      • Two Dropdowns City and Locality
      • Search Text Box
    • Location, Category & Search: Allow the user to type the location in the search box, instead of making them select city via a dropdown. Location and Search are must for the user to type in, the Category is optional
      • Location Text Box
      • Category Dropdown
      • Search Text Box
    • Location & Search Only: Make search simple and allow a user to type the location and keyword only.
      • Location Text box
      • Search Text Box
  • Define Search Location: Allow users to change the Country and State. If the Default Search Block is selected, this parameter will allow users to change both Country and State else only Country selection will be available to the user.
  • Default Country: Set default Country.
  • Default State: Set default State.
  • Default City: Set default City.

Note: Default Country, State, and City are must in case of default search. These settings will be applied automatically to the Default Search blocks.