Before adding a Ticket, we must first add departments, priorities, and statuses. Most of them are already configured in our application, but you can also add new ones as per your requirements.

How to Add a Department?

Support departments are the ticket categories. The first step in the process of adding a ticket is to choose a department.

  • Go to Components->Tickets->Departments and click the Add Department button to add a new Department.
  • Give a name to your department, this will be displayed throughout the Ticket system.
  • The description is an optional field. You can enter detailed information about your department here.
  • Enter a value for the priority field. You can change the order of your departments through the Priority field. Enter a lower value to display this department at the top of the list.
  • Check the Status checkbox to make your department active and click the Save button.

How to Automatically Assign Tickets to Staff?

  • After adding a department, click the Assign Staff button under the Action column.
  • This will display all the available staff.

Note: To add new staff, click the Create New User button or visit Settings->Users->New User, fill the information and select Staff as the Role.

  • Select staff using checkboxes.
  • Select products to restrict ticket assignments to specific products. Leave blank for all products.
  • Similarly, you can also select priorities to restrict your staff to them.
  • Use the Limit field to limit the number of opened tickets for a specific user. Once the limit is over, no more tickets will be assigned to that specific staff.
  • You can also priorities the staff assignments using the Order field. The lower value in the Order field indicates the prioritize staff, their availability will be checked first while assigning a new ticket.
  • Drag the Radio slider to the right to make a specific assignment active.
  • Click the Save button to save our assignments.

New tickets will now be automatically assigned to staff based on your configuration.

How to Add Ticket Priorities?

When you have to deal with hundreds of tickets every day, it is almost impossible to decide which one to work first. And that is why tickets have assigned priorities. A ticket can be prioritized as Urgent, High, Medium or Low by its requester.

  • Go to Components->Tickets->Priorities and click the Add Priority button to add a new priority.
  • Select a Color value, the name text will be displayed in this color throughout the Helpdesk system.
  • Similarly, you can assign a Background Color to the name text.
  • Enter a value for the priority field to change the order of your priority.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button to save your priority.

How to Add a new Status?

You can also add new ticket statuses through the Manage Status tab.

  • Visit the Manage Status tab and click the Add Status button.
  • Fill the information and click the Save button.

This new status will now be displayed to the Admin/Staff users in the Status dropdown field while adding or modifying a ticket.

How to Add a Ticket?

Users can create tickets from their Member Area. They can create tickets only if they are a subscriber of a product having the ticket option enabled. As an Admin/Staff, you can create a ticket as follows:

  • Go to Components->Tickets and visit the Open New Ticket link.
  • The Assigned To field is only visible to the Admin. The admin can assign a ticket to the staff at the time of its creation. Type a name and select the staff from the list.
  • As an Admin, you can create a ticket on behalf of a user. Type a name and select from the list.
  • Select a Department.
  • The Product dropdown will be automatically get filled on the User field selection. Select a product from the list. The user must be the active subscriber of at least one product to create a new ticket.
  • You can also enter customers' FTP and Site Admin login details so that staff or other admin can troubleshoot the issue online and provide a solution instantly. This information is stored in an encrypted form on your server.
  • Select a ticket priority from the dropdown field.
  • Enter a subject line. This is a brief summary of the ticket.
  • Enter a detailed description in the Message field.
  • If you have any files, you can add them to a ticket via Attachments. Click the Browse Files button, select your files and click the Open button to add them to your ticket.
  • Click the Save button to save your ticket.

How to Reply a Ticket?

  • Go to Components->Tickets->Manage Tickets to view all tickets. 
  • Each ticket has a Detail button under the Action column. Click it to view the Ticket detail.
  • If the ticket status is open, you will see a Post Reply button under the Messages headline. 
  • Click it for the Reply form.
  • The subject line is automatically filled with a Re: text. You can edit it as per your requirement.
  • Enter your reply in the Message field.
  • If you have any files, add it to your ticket by clicking the Browse Files button.
  • Click the Post Reply button to send your message.

How to Modify Email Template?

Email templates are preformatted and/or prewritten emails that are sent to your users on performing a specific action. 

  • To modify an existing template, visit Components->Tickets->Email Templates link or click the Manage Email Templates tab in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Template name under the Name column to edit it.
  • Modify the content as per your requirements and click the Save button.

How to Limit Open Tickets per User?

  • Go to Components->Tickets->Settings or click the Settings tab in the upper-right tab section.
  • Change the limit field value as per your requirements. A value 0 means, the user can open unlimited tickets.
  • Click the Save button to save your settings.

How to Convert Tickets to Forum Topics?

You can easily convert tickets into forum topics and build a strong support system where your customers can easily find the answers to their questions which have already been replied by you.

  • Go to Components->Tickets->Manage Tickets or click the Home tab to view all tickets.
  • Each ticket has a button named Forum under the Action column, click that button to convert your ticket into a forum thread.
  • Select a Forum category.
  • Enter tags to inform the Forum search method about the topics you covered in this ticket. Tags are optional, enter them in a comma-separated value.
  • Select a Status from the dropdown field and click the Save button.

Your ticket is now converted to a Forum topic, you can view it at Components->Forums->Threads.

How to Download a Ticket in PDF format?

Go to Components->Tickets->Manage Tickets and click on the PDF button in front of a ticket to download a PDF copy of your ticket.

How to Enable Tickets on a Product?

  • Visit Components->Products->Manage Products and edit your product.
  • Go to the Subscription tab and check the Ticket Support checkbox to allow users to create tickets. 

Staff can also create a new ticket on behalf of a user and reply in the same manner.

How to View Summary?

Click the Home icon in the tabs block to view a brief summary of all recent actions.