Backlinks are links from one website to a page on your website, they are an essential component of SEO. The pages on your website with a high number of backlinks tend to have more traffic than other non-backlink pages. We submit links to other websites to earn backlinks.

With the help of our Backlinks module, you can keep a record of websites, where you or your staff have submitted links. This prevents the submission of links to the same site again and again.

Visit Components->Backlinks->Summary for our Backlinks module. The summary tab displays the total number of links submitted till date along with the number of links submitted today, yesterday and within the current month.

The page also displays a  graphical view of all the submitted links. You can filter the graph by changing the dates field values in the This Month Links block.

Before adding a backlink, we must have at least one product added in the Products section. The product is just a categorization of your backlinks. You can add unlimited products and submit their links, these are different from our Products module.

How to Add a Product?

  • Visit the Manage Backlink Products tab and click the Add Backlink Product button to add a new product.
  • Give a Name to your product.
  • Enter a value in the Priority field to change the ordering of your products. Lower priority value products will always be displayed on the top.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button to save your product.

After adding a product, we must add at least one Backlink Type e.g. direct link, comment, forum submission, profile link, etc. This is further categorization of your links.

How to Add a Backlink Type

  • Visit the Manage Backlink Types tab and click the Add Backlink Type button to add a new backlink.
  • Type a Name for your Backlink Type.
  • Enter a Priority value to change the order of your Backlink Type and click the Save button.

Manage Backlinks

  • Click the Manage Backlinks tab to view all backlinks.
  • You can Filter, Search and Export them.
  • Click the Add Backlink button to add your backlink.
  • Type a name in the Product field to select it from the list. You can select multiple products.
  • Select a Backlink Type from the Type dropdown field.
  • Enter your URL in the Link URL field. This is the website URL where you submitted the link to your website.
  • Enter the submitted link in the Submitted URL field.
  • Click the calendar icon to select a date. This is the date on which you submitted your backlink.
  • Select a PR value from the dropdown list. This is the page rank of the link where you submitted your URL.
  • Enter the Source. This is the referral of the backlink like Google, Yahoo, Friend etc.
  • Enter the Anchor Text that you used for link submission. This is the visible and clickable text in a hyperlink.
  • You may have created an account for Link submission. Enter that account detail as follows:
    • Name: The name that you used while creating the account.
    • Email: The email used for registration and verification.
    • Username: Enter your chosen username in this field.
    • Password: Secret word or phrase you used during account creation.
  • Enter Submitted Text, this can be your comment or blog.
  • If you have specific information or notes about this link, enter that text in the Remarks field.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button to save your backlink.

Manage Backlink Emails

It is not suggested to submit a thousand links with the same email id, so we use different emails for link submission. It is difficult to remember their details, therefore you can add them to your website for future logins.

  • Visit the Manage Backlink Emails to view all the added emails.
  • Click the Add Backlink Email to add a new email to the list.
  • Fill the details that you have used while creating your email address and click the Save button.

SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are the phrases in your web pages that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. Perform a solid keyword analysis using Google Keyword Planner and other Keyword Tools, record them here for future use.

  • Click the SEO Keywords tab to view all keywords.
  • You can Filter, Search and Export your keywords.
  • Click the Add Keyword button to add a new keyword.
  • Type and select an applicable product from the list.
  • Enter your phrase in the Name field and click the Save button to save your keyword.

SEO Text

During link submission, we submit text in the form of blogs and comments. Most of the time, the same text is used on multiple websites with a minor variation. To avoid writing the same text, again and again, write it here and use it for your submissions.

  • Visit the SEO Text tab to view all written text.
  • Similar to Keywords, you can Filter, Search and Export your written text.
  • Click the Add Text button to add new text.
  • Select an applicable product from the Product dropdown list.
  • Give a Title to your text.
  • Enter detailed information in the Description field.
  • You can add an image for your reference. This is an optional field.
  • Click the Save button to save your text.