Do you encrypt your script code with IONCUBE loader before its distribution? If yes, then the Licenses module is for you. Configure the license settings in the Admin Panel and let your users generate license files through their member Area.

Before the license setup, you must add a product at Components->Products. For step by step instructions on How to Add a Product?, please go through our Products section.

How to Setup a License Settings?

  • Login to the Admin Panel, go to Components->Licenses->License Setup.
  • Type the name of your product in the Product field to select it from the list. This is the product for which the user can generate a license file.
  • Enter the password that you used in IONCUBE loader while encrypting your PHP files.
  • Limit the number of domains by entering a value in the Domain Limit/User.¬† Enter 0 for no limit. If 0 is entered the user can generate licenses for unlimited domains.
  • Enter a value in the Duration field. The license will automatically expire after the specified number of days.
  • The Folder Path is the location where the license files will be stored. The default path is the application/modules/licenses You can create a new directory inside this folder to save your licenses in a different folder.
  • If you want to permit localhost installation in your license file, check the Allow the user to run the application on the localhost?
  • Click the Save button to save your settings.

Once the license is set up, your users can generate domain-specific license files after their purchase.

How to Edit License Settings?

Click the License Products tab to view all configured licenses. Click a name under the Name column to edit its license settings.

How to Generate a License file through the Admin Panel?

  • Click the Generate Licenses tab to generate a new license file.
  • Type your product name in the Products field and select it from the list.
  • Similarly, select a user.
  • If the user has never purchased the selected item, the logged-in user id will be used for the license generation.
  • Enter a domain name and click the Generate¬†button.
  • Once the license is generated, a list will be displayed, click the Download button to download it.

How to view Generated Licenses?

Click the Search tab to view all generated license files. You can also search for a specific license by a product name and user.

You can also view all the generated licenses through the Summary/Home tab.

How to notify the User and the Admin on license generation?

Visit the Settings tab and check the checkboxes as per your requirements.