A download manager component for your eCommerce website, designed for the distribution of software/script through your website.

Visit the Summary tab to view total releases, inactive releases, total and inactive download items. In addition, you can also view Recent and Top Downloads on your website.

Manage Releases

Visit the Manage Releases tab in the upper tab section to view all the releases.

How to Add a New Release?

Before adding a product release, you must add a product via Components->Products section.

  • After adding a product, click the Add Release button to add its release.
  • Type your product name in the Applicable Products list to select it.
  • Enter the Version of the software that you are releasing. E.g. enter 5 if you are releasing version 5 of your application.
  • Enter a Revision. Within a given version number, these numbers are generally assigned in increasing order and correspond to new developments in the software.
  • Give a Title to your release.
  • Enter Slug. This is the text which comes after your domain name as a part of your permalink that is leading to your content. This is an optional field.
  • Select a Maturity level of your release:
    • Alpha: This usually means your application is working but some functionality is likely to be missing and a number of known and unknown bugs are likely to occur.
    • Beta: The software development phase following alpha. A Beta phase generally begins when the software features complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.
    • RC (Release Candidate): A release candidate is a version of your application that is functional but not quite ready for the production use.
    • Stable: A stable release is a version that has been tested as thoroughly as possible and is ready for production use.
  • Write a summary in the Description field. This is the short paragraph that describes your release.
  • Enter detailed information in the Notes field. Here you can write about new features added, bug fixed and major modifications done in your application.
  • Enter a Release Date. The date when this version will be released to the public.
  • The Hits field refers to the number of views on your release. Leave this default.
  • Change the Priority value to reorder your releases. The lowest value releases will be on the top of the list.
  • Check the Status checkbox to make your release active and click the Save button.

How to Manage File Downloads on your Website?

GoClixy eCommerce script can be used to sell both digital downloads and physical goods. You can also use it to offer free downloads.

To offer a download item, the first thing you need to add is the file on your website.

Visit the Manage Items tab to view all the added items.

  • Click the Add Item button to add a new download item to your website.
  • Specify a Title for your download item.
  • Select a File Type
    • File: Select File when the item is on your local server. You must manually upload your file to the application/download folder via FTP.
    • Link: The file is on a remote server.
  • If the File option is selected, enter the name of the file in this field. For link, enter the Full URL.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button to save your item.

Once an item is saved, we can assign it to a product for user downloads.

Visit the Manage Item Relations tab to view all the assigned items.

  • Click the Add Item Relation button to assign an item to a product or a release.
  • Select a Module from the dropdown list.
    • Products: The actual product.
    • Product Release: The release of a product.
  • If the Product is selected as a Module, type your product name in the Product field to select it. For Product Releases, select a release from the dropdown field.
  • Select an Item from the dropdown list to assign it to your product.
  • Select a Type
    • Default: Users can only download the item until their subscription expires.
    • Lifetime Download: The download link will never expire, the user can download this item even after a subscription expires.
    • Lifetime Subscription Only: Valid for Product Releases only. The user can download the item for the lifetime, but only the versions released before the expiration of their subscription. 
  • Click the Save button.

Your users can now go to the product page and add the product to their cart. If it is a free product, they can download the item from the product's page itself. Otherwise, they must check out to download the file.

Download Logs

You can easily track downloads by clicking the Manage Downloads tab in the upper right corner.

This will display you the complete information when an item is downloaded, who downloaded it along with the user's IP address. Click on an IP under the IP Address column to view the visitor's detail.