Affiliates - Marketing

Affiliate Marketing through which one can earn a commission by promoting your products. When someone buys a product through an affiliate link, promoters receive a commission.

Log in to the Admin Panel and visit the Financial->Affiliates section.

The first link is the Summary page that displays Total, Inactive, Active and Total Referred affiliates to you.

Below the counter, you will find last this month/last six-month traffic information in graphical format.  If you want to view traffic between specific dates use the dates field in the This Months Traffic block.

The third section displays an overview of traffic by devices, countries and top referrers.

Manage Affiliates

Click the Manage Affiliates tab to view all affiliates on your website. You can change their status, edit them, view their commissions and referrals.

Change the status dropdown field and click the Save button to change an affiliate status.

To view complete information about an affiliate. Click the View/Eye icon.

Use tabs to view specific information about an affiliate. You can also use the left navigation to view the Training Material, Affiliate Commissions and Referral Traffic.

Click the Edit button to edit an affiliate. You can modify the information as per your requirements.

A commission level is assigned to each affiliate during their registration, you can change it by clicking the Change Level button. Visit Financial->Commissions->Levels section for commission levels.

The next three dropdown menus are to view the Training Materials, Commissions and Traffic.

You can also filter Affiliates by their Status.

How to Add an Affiliate?

Click the Add Affiliate User button to add a new affiliate.

Note: All the fields displayed here are dynamic, you can add/modify them through our Developer->Fields module.

  • Select a user, this is the user registered on your website. If you want to add an affiliate who is not registered on your website, create it first through Settings->Users.
  • Enter the affiliate name in the Name field.
  • Similarly, enter the affiliate's phone number, address, city and postcode information.
  • If the affiliate is referred by some external website, enter its information here for reporting purposes.
  • Select a Payment Method and enter complete information in the Payment Info field. This is the information that is required during affiliate payouts.
  • Click the Save button to save your affiliate.

Manage Links

You can promote different websites or internal pages through our Affiliates Module. Add your website or page link here to promote it.

  • Click the Add Link button to add a new link.
  • Give a name to your link. This is for your reference only.
  • Enter the link in the URL field.
  • If you want your users to promote this link through QRCode, check the QRCode checkbox.
  • Click the Save button to save your link.

Manage Marketing Materials

This is where you can view and manage all your marketing materials added for affiliates.

Use tabs to navigate between different materials.

  • Click the Add Material button to add a new marketing material.
  • Select a Link for which you are adding this marketing material. This is the link that you added in the previous step.
  • Select the Type of your marketing material.
    • Banner: A Banner is a basic type of promotion material used to advertise a product or service. The most effective way of advertising in affiliate marketing, because through a graphical image you can express not only your basic slogan but emotions as well.
    • Video: Videos are a great medium to keep your audience engaged and increase conversions.
    • Text: Simple Text Ad about your product or service.
    • HTML: A HTML page which affiliates can copy and paste for an interactive HTML form.
    • PDF: Brochure or other documents about your product or service.
  • Fill the other information based on the selected banner type.
  • Check the Status checkbox to make your marketing material active and click the Save button.

Manage Tutorials

Similar to Marketing Material, you can also add training material for your affiliates. This can be a video or a PDF file.

  • Click the Add Tutorial button to add a new training material for your affiliates.
  • Select the type of affiliate material.
    • PDF File
    • Video
  • Fill the other information based on the selected tutorial type.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button.

Manage Referrals

Visit the Manage Referrals tab to view all the referral traffic on your website. Click the View button to view the detailed information.

Manage FAQs

A FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a particular topic. You can list specific questions and answers from affiliates here. This will save your customers time as they will find the answers to most of their questions in one place without needing to contact you.

Visit the Manage FAQs tab to view all added faqs. You can edit, order and delete them.

Drag a row to change its position.

How to Add a FAQ?

  • Click the Add FAQ button to add a new frequently asked question.
  • Enter your question in the Question field.
  • Add your answer to the Answer field.
  • Enter a priority value to give a position to your FAQ. A lower priority value will display this FAQ at the top of the list.
  • Check the Status checkbox to make this FAQ active and click the Save button.

Manage Status

All the status listed here can be assigned to an affiliate.

Most of the statuses are already configured in the application, you can also add new statuses as per your requirements.

  • Click the Add Status button to add a new status.
  • Give a name to your status.
  • Check The Name Text is a Language String? checkbox if the name text is a multi-language string.
  • Select a color value for your status. The status text will be displayed in this color throughout the site.
  • Enter a Priority value.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button.

Manage Email Templates

All emails and SMS messages sent to affiliates are configured here. You can change them as per your requirements. You can also add new templates based on certain predefined modules, users and actions.

  • Click the Add Email Template button to add a new Email Template.
  • Select a Module, this is the module on which email will be triggered.
  • Select a User Type:
    • Site Owner: The email will be sent to the Admin Email ID configured at Settings->Settings->Main tabIf you want to send it to some other email ID, add it to the Parameters field. You can also add CC, BCC and SMS PHONE NUMBER here. E.g. to:info@goclixy;;;phone_number:999999999
    • User: The email and message will be sent to the registered user email ID and phone number.
  • Select an Action Type, the email and message will be sent based on the selected action type.
    • Add: Whenever a new row (affiliate, commission, and payout) will be added to your website.
    • Edit: On update of existing information.
    • Delete: On deletion of a row.
    • Status Update: On status change.
    • Notify Referrer: Top-level affiliates will be notified of new affiliate registration under their hierarchy.
  • Give a Name to your template, this for your reference only, it will not be sent with an email and message.
  • Enter Email Subject, this line is a brief summary of your email content.
  • Enter detailed information in the Message field. Use the editor to format your email content.
  • If you want to send an SMS along with Email, enter it in the SMS Text field. 

Note: You must configure your SMS gateway at Settings->SMS Gateways to send an SMS.

  • As mentioned under the User Type, use the Parameters field to send predefined extra parameters to the Emailer method. You can also send an Email to the Queue instead of sending it immediately to the user by settings a queue_override value in the Parameters field. E.g. queue_override:1
  • Click the Save button to save your template.

How to Edit a Template?

  • Click the text string under the Name column to edit it.
  • Modify it as per your requirement.
  • Click the Fields button in the footer to view all the available fields.
  • Similarly, click the Preview button to view a preview of your edited template.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes.

If you do not want to use a template, make the template Inactive by clicking the Active button under the Status column. You can also select multiple templates using the checkbox column and click the Active/Inactive button in the footer section.


This section allows you to modify the default parameters of Affiliates and the Commissions module.

  • Restrict CPC Commissions to Unique Clicks only? If checked, the unique clicks will be identified based on the referral IP, browser settings and other criteria.
  • Allow users to select the commission level during registration/profile change? If checked, the user can select/change their commission level during registration and profile updates.
  • Hierarchy Setup: This is for the commission's hierarchies section. Please visit the Financial->Commissions->Hierarchies section for more information.
    • Link Share: A hierarchy link will be provided to the affiliate, the affiliate has to share this link to recruit other affiliates.
    • Automate: The affiliate does not need a hierarchy link, the hierarchy code is automatically embedded in all the usual marketing links. New affiliates will automatically be added to an affiliate hierarchy on their registration.
  • Override the affiliate cookie on a new referral? If checked, the saved affiliate cookie will be replaced by the new affiliate information. The last referred affiliate will receive a commission on visitor's purchase.
  • Override the hierarchy cookie on a new referral? Similar to the affiliate cookie, If checked, the saved hierarchy cookie will be replaced with new affiliate information. The newly registered affiliate will be added under the hierarchy of the last referred affiliate.
  • Default Tracking Duration: This is the duration for which the affiliate cookie will be stored on the visitor's computer. The affiliate will earn a commission if any purchase is made during this period. The same duration is also applied to the hierarchy cookie.
  • Terms & Conditions Page: Set your affiliate Terms & Conditions page here. The user must accept these terms to become an affiliate. Any change on this page will re-prompt the user to re-accept the terms and conditions.