Payouts - Users

Payouts are used to automate global mass payments to partners, suppliers, publishers, affiliates, and freelancers. This section is intended to provide you with a simplified view of your payout information that corresponds with your sales over a period of time.

Visit the Financial->Payouts->Summary section to view payout stats. The Payout summary shows you details about the money your affiliates have earned in graphical and detailed format.

  • Total Transactions: The total number of transactions occurred to date.
  • Paid Users: The total number of users paid to date.
  • This Month: The payout amount released in the current month.
  • Total Payouts: The total amount released to date.

This page also displays the Last Six Months and the Current Month payouts in graphical format. Change dates to view payouts during a specific period.

Pay Commissions

Visit the Pay Commissions tab to view and pay the current month payouts. The user must earn a specified amount to become eligible for a payout.

You can also filter records by dates.

Click the Proceed to Payment button to pay an affiliate.

This will display the Commissions summary along with Affiliate's information. The affiliate payment details can also be seen in the left section. Transfer the payment manually using Bank Transfer or your PayPal account.

Note: The payment process is not automated, you must manually send the payment via your PayPal account or the Bank Transfer method.

Once payment is made, use the payout form to add payment information so that a user can view or download the invoice from their affiliate account.

  • Paid On: The date on which the payment is made.
  • Payment Method: The method used for payout.
  • Transaction ID: Enter payment transaction id here, so that a user can verify it on their side.
  • Comments: If you want to display any information to the user, enter it in the Comments
  • Notes: Enter your personal notes in the Notes This is for administrative purposes only, it will not be displayed to users.
  • Notify User: If checked, the user will be notified via email and SMS. You can change the notification template via Financial->Affiliates->Email Templates
  • Click the Save button to save your payout.

Payouts History

Click the Payout History tab to view all payouts made to date. You can view the invoice and download it in PDF format. You can also use filter specific records using the search field.


Here you can set the Minimum Payout. The user must earn at least the specified amount to become eligible for a payout.