Commissions Setup

The commission module is designed to configure affiliate commission levels, set product-specific commission percentages, allow users to recruit other affiliates, and allow affiliates to earn through coupons.

To view stats, visit the Financial->Commissions->Summary section. This will display the Total, Waiting Approval, Confirmed and Paid Commissions along with the Last Six Months and the Current Month commissions graph. Change the dates field values to view earned commissions between specific dates.

The Summary page also displays Recent Commissions earned by affiliates, commissions awaiting approval and the Top Earners affiliates.

Earned Commissions

  • To view all earned commissions, visit the Earned Commissions tab.
  • Click the View button to view/change specific commission information.
  • You can also change a commission status as per your requirement. To automatically approve a commission, visit the Manage Status tab and click on the star icon under the Default column in front of the Approved
  • You can filter commissions by Status.

How to set up the affiliate's commission percentage?

Before setting a commission percentage, you must set up commission levels.

Visit the Manage Levels tab to view all the levels. At least one level must be added to configure the affiliate's commissions.

  • Click the Add Level button to add a new level.
  • Give a Name to your level. This will be displayed throughout the application.
  • Enter the CPC amount. This is the amount that a user will earn on a referral redirect.
  • Assign a Priority value to your level. The lower priority value levels will be displayed at the top of the list.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button to save your level.

Products Commissioning

After creating a level, you can now configure the commissions that a user will earn on their referral. The commission can be brand and categories specific.

  • Click the Add Commission button to configure a new commission level.
  • Select your newly created level from the Commission Level dropdown field.
  • Select a Brand using the Product dropdown field.
  • Type and select categories. If you want to give commission on a sale of a specific product, create a new category and add your product to that category.
  • Select a Commission type:
    • Percentage: The user will earn the commission amount in percentage.
    • Fixed: The user will earn a fixed amount, regardless of the price of the product.
  • Enter the value in the Commission field, this is the amount that a user will earn on their referral.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button to save your commission setup.

Hierarchies Setup

Allow your affiliates to recruit other affiliates in your affiliate program and let them earn commissions on each of their recruited affiliate sales.

You can create unlimited hierarchies.

  • Click the Add Hierarchy button to add a new commission hierarchy.
  • Select a Type:
    • Percent of the Commission Amount: The top affiliate will earn the commission based on the amount the recruited affiliate earned. For instance, if you entered 10 in the Payout Amount field and the recruited affiliate earned $100.00 as a commission, the top referral will earn $10.00, 10% of the earned commission.
    • Percent of the Sale Amount: The earned commission will be calculated based on the amount of the sale. For example, if the recruited referral earned a commission of $20.00 on a sales amount of $100.00 and you entered 10 in the Payout Amount field, the top referral will also earn a commission of $10.00. This way you give $30.00 as a commission on a sales amount of $100.00.
    • Flat Amount: This is the flat rate that you are giving to the top referral. It does not matter what the commission and sale amount is.
  • Enter the amount that the user will earn in the Payout Amount field.
  • Click the Save button to save your commission hierarchy.

Coupons Commissioning

Your affiliates can also earn commissions on coupon usage.  No affiliate link is required in such case, they can send customers directly on your website. The customer only needs to enter the provided coupon code during checkout and the user will receive an instant discount and the affiliate earns a commission.

  • Click the Add Coupon button to assign a coupon to a specific affiliate.
  • Select a user who will earn a commission on the use of this coupon. One user can be selected at a time. The user will earn the specified commission on each sale made using this promo code.
  • Type and select a Coupon. You can create coupons via Financial->Coupons->Add Coupon link. Let assume you have created a coupon code called WIN30 which gives the customers a 30% discount at the time of checkout. Type WIN30 in the Coupon field to select it from the list.
  • Select a Commission Type.
    • Percentage: The user will earn the commission amount in percentage.
    • Fixed: A fixed amount will be given to affiliate on the use of this coupon.
  • Enter a value in the Commission field. This is the Percentage/Fixed amount that the affiliate will earn on this coupon usage.
  • Click the Status checkbox and click the Save button to save your coupon code commissioning.

The affiliate can now hand out the assigned coupon code to their visitors and visitors can buy products directly from your website. The affiliate automatically gets a commission on the use of the assigned coupon code.

Manage Status

All the status listed here can be assigned to a commission.

Most of the statuses are already configured in the application, you can also add new statuses as per your requirements.

  • Click the Add Status button to add a new status.
  • Give a name to your status.
  • Check The Name Text is a Language String? checkbox if the name text is a multi-language string.
  • Select a color value for your status. The status text will be displayed in this color throughout the site.
  • Enter a Priority value.
  • Check the Status checkbox and click the Save button.