Business Directory v5.0.5 Released

GoClixy Business Directory Script Just Got Better Version Release Information

If you are an existing customer of GoClixy and are within the support period, please create a support ticket for a free upgrade.

Customers who purchased Business Directory Script but support has expired

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Refund Policy

We do not have a refund policy.

All payments via our site are considered final payment, no refund or no claim is accepted. We do this because we provide the immediate download of our software via My Account page and there is no way to ensure that our software is actually removed from your server after it is installed. It allows us to help combat fraudulent activities.

The refund policy is only applicable to Physical Products/Subscription Websites, GoClixy applications are digital products that are immediately provided to our customers on their purchase, they cannot be returned, so once the payment is received, no refund will be available.

We have an online demo for our users, this way you try it before you buy. You are encouraged to play with our online demos so that you feel more comfortable with our application before purchasing or installing it.