Why GoClixy - Ecommerce Script?

One stop solution for your customers. Let your customer make a purchase, open tickets, access forums and earn commissions with a single login.

Ready to Use

The most hassle-free way to start your eCommerce website. Installation hardly takes 10 minutes. Once installed, start selling...

Cost Effective

Building an eCommerce website with GoClixy does not require a big budget. Approximately half the cost of the closest competitive...

Feature Rich

GoClixy eCommerce is no ordinary script that comes with just a few features for you to work with. It has plenty of features to...

Save Your Time and Efforts

Focus on your product, let our script automate all your selling, subscription, documentation, support and SEO needs.

Fully Customizable

All you need to do is add in your own content, set it in the Admin Panel and your full-featured eCommerce website is launched in...

Host it on Your Server

Download the script and license from our official website and host it on your existing hosting space. No monthly rental or fee.

Ecommerce CMS Features

One of the best ecommerce CMS scripts. Build your website in minutes and start earning affiliates income immediately.

Add and manage your own subscription plans and charge your subscribers monthly or yearly. The customer has to pay a recurring price at regular intervals for access to your product or service. The best feature to increase your recurring revenue by retaining more customers and simplifying business processes.

It is relatively easy to sell digital goods online with GoClixy - eCommerce Script. These can be software, scripts, plug-in, images, songs, e-books and many more. Provide immediate download of products to your customers on their purchase. You can also provide free/trial versions for downloads.

Manage, schedule and control your software build through different stages and provide them to your users easily through our Releases Module. Download logs are also stored online for your reference. You can easily track when and who downloaded the application.

Software piracy is a major issue affecting developers today. GoClixy has an integrated ionCube license generator, encrypt your PHP script source code with the ionCube application and configure the license settings in the Admin Panel. After product purchase, users can generate licenses through their member area.

This module is designed to simplify your team's work. Our Ticket Module is an intuitive and easy-to-use support ticket system that has all the basic features you need to provide exceptional customer support. Solve issues faster than ever and drastically improve your customer’s experience.

Without documentation, software or script is just a black box. With the help of our Manuals module, you can turn your software or script into a glass box by explaining to users how it operates. You can also generate a PDF and distribute it with your application. you can have your software selling website up and running in no time.

Start your ecommerce website today with ease.

The script is packed with lots of features from top to bottom. 100% Customizable and SEO Optimized PHP Ecommerce CMS Script.


Build your own sales team using our eCommerce module. Maximize your sales potential by driving more traffic to your website. Best way to increase the reach of your brand.


Inbuilt forums to create a community. Provide your customers with a place where they can discuss issues, share knowledge, and talk about your product and service.


A relatively easy and inexpensive way to share information about your products and services. You can write blogs to enhance your inbound marketing efforts and attract more perspective customers.


Are you considering building a list of your customers for Email and Phone Marketing? With the help of our subscribers' module, you can do it easily through the Admin Panel.

Bulk Emailing

Once your subscriber list is ready, you could follow your customers on a regular basis to generate qualified leads. Schedule an email and let our application send it for you.


The search engine optimization is a must for higher conversion rates. Generate sitemap, optimize inner pages and find about your competitors through our SEO module.

Why choose GoClixy - eCommerce Solution?

No need to spend thousands of dollars on setting up an ecommerce site, get all the features at one place. Launch your product with ease and let commuters easily find your services online.

  • Support more than 60 payment gateways
  • Define different payment gateways for different countries
  • Automatically detect user location and display prices in users currency
  • Set up your own SMS Gateway for Bulk Messaging
  • OTP login and registration feature
  • Easily add/modify fields through the Admin Panel
  • Have your website in your own language
  • More than 30 pre-built widgets to design your own layouts
  • Change content easily through the Admin Panel without modifying the design files
  • Create your own roles and permissions to provide different access to different users
  • Built in staff role with access to tickets, licenses, notes and back links
  • Free Video Tutorials to learn Admin Panel
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Why choose GoClixy - eCommerce Solution?

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