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One of the fully functional and successful real estate script developed using GoClixy - Web App Builder! Common features include property listings, search filters, map integration, contact forms, user accounts, and real estate agent profiles.
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Real Estate Script


Allow real estate agents or property owners to create and manage property listings. Each listing should include details such as property type, location, price, description, images, and contact information.
Implement a robust search functionality with filters to help users find properties that match their criteria. Filters may include location, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, amenities, and more.
Integrate maps to display property locations visually. Users can view properties on a map and search for properties in specific areas.
Create individual property detail pages that provide comprehensive information about each listing, including images, description, location map, and contact form.
Allow users to create accounts and log in to access additional features like saving favorite properties, setting property alerts, and managing their listings (for real estate agents).
Offer a dedicated section where real estate agents can create and manage their profiles. Include information about their experience, contact details, and the properties they represent.
Include contact forms on property listings and agent profiles, allowing potential buyers or renters to inquire about the property or request more information.
Implement a system to track and manage leads generated through the platform. This helps agents and administrators follow up on potential clients effectively.
Allow users to compare multiple properties side by side to make informed decisions.
Provide advanced search options, such as searching by specific keywords, property features, or proximity to important locations (e.g., schools, hospitals, transportation hubs).
Include a mortgage calculator to help users estimate monthly mortgage payments based on property price, down payment, interest rate, and loan term.
Provide analytics and insights to real estate agents or property owners, showcasing how their listings perform in terms of views, inquiries, and engagement.
Ensure the real estate script is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices for a seamless user experience.
Allow users to share property listings on social media platforms, increasing the exposure of the listings.
Offer multi-language support to cater to a broader audience and potential international buyers.

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