GoClixy - PHP Script Builder

Responsive, Ready to Use, Powerful, Feature Rich, and Fully Customizable. Build one of the most profitable Websites with Mobile App within minutes.

$ 149.00 $ 299.00
Without Support and Installation
$ 299.00 $ 499.00
With 90 Days Support and Installation
GoClixy - PHP Script Builder

Build Your Own Online Web Applications Easily Without Any Code Knowledge

Build application as per your requirements, add fields easily through the Admin Panel. Be live within minutes, no hidden cost, professional and mobile responsive template customizable through the Admin Panel. Ready to use Mobile App to take your web application to the next level.

Form Builder

A powerful form creation and handling system that allows you to define form fields, validation rules, and form rendering options. Choose the one that best fits your project requirements and coding style.

Powerful Admin Panel

The Admin Panel allows you to customize just everything of your website with few clicks. You can change the frontend theme appearance, field positions and member area links in no time.

Theme Development

Build responsive web themes easily. GoClixy - PHP Web App Builder comes with a comprehensive set of widgets, components, styles, and utilities that can be customized to create unique themes.

Web App Builder

Offer a range of features and components that can be used to build various types of applications, such as form builders, database integration, user authentication, templates, and customizable layouts. Pre-built widgets or modules for common functionalities like user management, data visualization, file uploading, ease of use, scalability, customization options, and integration capabilities, and more.

Web App Builder

Multiple Setup

Create unlimited setups without writing a single line of code. Use existing modules to turn your dream app into a reality. More and more modules are added regularly.


Modify various aspects of the builder according to your preferences. This may include changing the settings, options, appearance, layout, colors, fonts, or other visual elements.

Access Control

Define the level of functionality that different users can perform within the system. Enforce security and control access to different parts of the system.

Admin Template

A pre-designed user interface (UI) template with ready-made structure, layout, and visual components specifically created for building backend applications.