ECommerce PHP Script Features

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This is just an overview of our core features, GoClixy - Marketplace has a lot more to offer.

eCommerce Features

The most important and critical features to have on your eCommerce website to perform sales and improve conversions.

01. Brands: The brands' option allows you to create brands for your shop; each brand can be named, prioritized and assigned an image. A brand will be assigned to a product. Use this option to distinguish products from others.

02. Categories: Every product must be assigned to a category. Product categories are the primary way to group products with similar features. With the help of categories option, you can add, modify and delete categories and subcategories.

03. Tags: Product tags are another way to relate products to each other. GoClixy Tags module allows you to easily add and manage tags. With the help of tags, your visitors can easily find related items.

04. Attributes: To create a variant, an attribute must first be defined for the product. The attribute is a property of the variant like color, size, etc. You can easily manage attributes through the Attributes module.

05. Variants: Offer any number of variations (like color, size, and so on) for your product with the option to set prices, stock, and images for each variation. With the help of variants feature, you can quickly and easily add variants and their terms.

06. Combos: The combo option allows you to offer different combo deals to your users and increase your sales. You can add a bunch of products as a combo at a discounted price. Best option to promote multiple products with discounts and special prices.

07. Upgrades: Do you have a product with multiple editions? if yes, you can charge your customers a different price on their subscription upgrade. The discount type can be in percentage or it can be a fixed price.

08. Pricing Rules: Pricing Rules helps you to create quantity-based discounts. It can be a product and user-specific. You can also exclude products. Easy to use and crafted for increasing your sales conversions.

09. Multi Currency: The multi-currency option allows your customers to browse products and checkout in multiple currencies. This feature automatically converts product prices, coupons, taxes to customer-preferred currency.

10. Multiple Payment Gateways: GoClixy supports more than 40 payment gateways. Find a payment gateway which suits your business and offer your customers the convenience of paying in your currency.

11. Tax Rates: You can easily set up taxes and tax rates when setting up a store. The application also has an option to configure different tax slabs for different products. Taxes can be a complex matter, but in GoClixy you can set up them as easily.

12. Request Quote: Sometimes we do not want to display prices for certain products and want our customers to contact us for prices. You can easily hide prices in GoClixy - Marketplace.

13. Comments: Comments are a way for visitors to add feedback to your products. If you choose to enable comments for your products, only then they will be displayed on the products page. Best way to allow visitors to leave a rating from one to five stars and a few words about their experience on a specific product.

14. Ratings: This feature allows your visitors to rate a product. The rating will be from one to five stars. They can only vote for a product without any comment. This helps to increase the click-through rate and spot trending product.

15. Gallery: With the help of a gallery module, you can directly upload pictures from your computer and add them to your products. You can prioritize the images and change their statuses.

16. Videos: Similar to the gallery, you can add YouTube videos to your products. Videos are the best way to increase your online presence and brand awareness and they can be easily managed through our Videos module.

17. Screenshots: Showing a full product demonstration contains a lot of visual information that is not necessary, sometimes showing some product images can really help. With the help of our screenshot module, you can easily add screenshots to a product.

18. FAQs: Allow your visitors to find answers to all their questions in one place. You can easily add a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a particular topic and product. FAQ can be product, brand or site-specific.

19. Features: A block used in theme design where you can add your product features and display them to your visitors. Change your theme blocks easily through the Admin Panel without any programming knowledge.

20. Testimonials: Similar to the features section, this is also related to theme blocks. Easily gather and manage testimonials of your products and display them to your visitors to build trust and overcome skepticism and create credibility.

21. Teams: With the help of a team module, you can introduce your team members and adds an invaluable personal touch to your website. You can display a team with their name, image, and designation.

22. References: If you are selling a software product and want to display your live sites to your clients, the references module is for you. You can add a website link, name, image, and description for your customer reference.

Additional Components

Widely used modules that can take your eCommerce site to the next level.

01. Licenses: Do you have a PHP script that you want to sell encrypted and allow your customers to download the license file from your website to use your script? If so, the license module is for you. Encrypt the code using IONCUBE and configure your license settings in GoClixy - Marketplace.

02. Manuals: Turn the stress and anxiety associated with documentation into productivity with this incredibly easy-to-use module to create user manuals, online guides and help files. You can also download them in PDF format and distribute them with your product.

03. Releases Manager: The releases manager is the version control system that you can use to distribute your app/software releases to your customers and speed up the version delivery process. Suitable for developers who want to distribute their software products to their clients.

04. Ticket System: Having a help desk ticketing system is a must for a business to offer smooth support to your customers. With the help of our Ticket module, you can resolve your customer issues efficiently by simply automating the complaint resolution process.

05. Subscribers: An ideal module to collect your visitor's information and follow them on a regular basis. You can organize your subscribers into groups, with an unlimited number of columns. Each subscriber form can also have its own fields.

06. Forums: You can have discussion forums on your website. This is the most popular way of engaging and interacting with visitors online. You could also convert your Support Tickets to Forums and vice versa. Give your potential customers a reason to return to your website, especially when they need help or advice on a certain topic.

07. Blogs: With the help of our Blogs module, you can write about your product. You can also create different categories for different blogs. Visitors can post comments and rate your blogs. This helps in SEO and also helps to develop and strengthen relationships with existing and new customers.

08. SEO: A module for domain analysis, link management, sitemap, and backlinks. You can specify individual pages meta information here. This module also helps in page optimization by showing you the missing SEO attributes. You can also keep a record of your submitted backlinks.

09. Bulk Emailing: The ideal extension for sending customized e-mail campaigns. You can create templates for your messages and speed up your workflow. You can also add link tracking to find how many people have actually opened the email, bounce rate or how many unsubscribed from the list.

10. Bulk Messaging: Similar to bulk emailing, you can also send bulk SMSs to your subscribers. Set up your own SMS Gateway and notify your users about your products and services. You can also schedule messages.

11. Notes: Notes are the special types of comments that you can store on your website for personal use. The Notes are user-specific. Staff members can create their own notes, as an Admin, you can view all notes and also create your own.

Financial Modules

Modules to view financial information and increase your sales.

01. Ads: A powerful advertising system through which you can sell banner/text ads on your website. Ads can easily be displayed in themes, blocks, or embedded in the site content. You can set up ad packages as per your requirements.

02. Affiliates: Build your own sales team using our Affiliates module. You can specify promotion links, manage marketing/training materials and FAQs. Users can also view their referrals made using their affiliate link.

03. Commissions: With the help of this module, you can create different commission levels for different affiliates. You can view the commissions earned by each user. You can also specify products/categories entitled to a discount. Hierarchy commissions can also be configured.

04. Payouts: This is a module through which you can pay to your affiliates. You can view pending payouts between a specific date. A minimum payout can also be set. The user must reach the minimum payout to receive payments.

05. Coupons: Coupon module allows you to offer discount codes for your users when buying subscriptions or products. You can create any number of coupon codes for use in buying products. Coupon codes can be a percentage off, or a fixed amount. They can also have an expiration date.

06. Orders: All transactions done on your website will be visible in the orders module. You can manage (create, edit, delete) customers' orders and convert them to an invoice. Order cancellations, shipping setup, advanced search and reporting are some of the features available here.

07. Points: With the help of the Points module, you can award points to your users on different actions. This helps in engaging users on your website and increase their participation as they can earn points on your website and use them for a product purchase.

08. Wallets: With the help of the wallet module, your users can store their money as virtual money. Customers can use their Wallet money during the checkout and make the payment. The customers can easily add credit to their wallet.

Other Useful Modules

Common features related to content management, security and advertising.

01. Pages: Easily manage extra pages like about us, privacy, terms, etc. All you have to specify is the page title and description. You can also add Meta title, keyword, and description for SEO purposes.

02. News: Display news on your eCommerce website, such as special offers, discounts, etc. which may lead to increased sales. In addition, visitors can easily get through recent happenings on your website.

03. SMS Gateways: GoClixy supports all kinds of SMS Gateways that allow URL messages, you can buy an SMS package and configure it easily through the Admin Panel. In addition, Nexmo and SMS Global are also available for international SMSs.

04. Banners: Earn revenue by placing ads on your website. You can configure banner locations through the Admin Panel. You can also specify impressions, clicks, and expiration date.

05. Roles and Permissions: You can create different roles and assign permissions to them as per your requirements. Assigning a role to a user gives permission to the user to that specific section/module.

06. Locations: A place where you can manage countries, states, and cities information. You can enable/disable them as per your requirements. The location database is included in our installation.

Developer Modules

Modules to enhance the functionality of your GoClixy - eCommerce Script. You can also add your own module through the Admin Panel.

01. Code Builder: This is the place where you can enhance the functionality of your eCommerce website. With the help of the code builder feature, you can create your own modules. You must be familiar with PHP and Codeigniter to create new modules.

02. Fields: Most of the fields in our application are dynamic, you can easily enable/disable them as per your requirements. You can also add extra fields to the users, affiliates, products, subscribers, tickets and other modules.

03. Links: The Link module is a core module that allows you to set up internal and external menus on your website. All the menus in our application are dynamic, you can add/modify them as per your requirements.

04. Groups: The groups make it possible to organize fields in GoClixy. With the help of this module, you can group fields and make the form well structured. You can easily add/edit groups to structure your form.

05. Themes: A place where you can add new themes, modify existing, change color schemes and add new widgets. All element is fully customizable. You can use our predesigned layouts to design your page.

06. Logs: The logs module allows you to track events when your code is executed, so when the code fails, you can check the logs and identify the reason for it. Log messages have a built-in hierarchy: debugging, information, warnings, errors, and critical messages.

07. System Info: System Info is a component used to identify the hardware and software used to run your application. You can view information about the Server and PHP, including all the installed modules with description and author name.

08. Translate: Module to translate text from one language to another. Easily find and replace language strings through the Admin Panel. Inbuilt Google Translator feature to simplify the language translation. You can also import and export translations to your eCommerce website.

09. Database: A place where you can perform database administration tasks. You can easily backup, repair and optimize database tables through the Admin Panel. No need to rely on Hosting DB Tools for basic operations.