5 Hours/30 Days Priority Technical Support with Customizations

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By GoClixy

Subscribe to our 5 Hours or 30 Days (Whichever is earlier) Priority Technical Support with Customizations and get help on priority basis.

Support Hours also include time spent on

  • Telephone/Email/Whatsapp Conversations
  • Bug fixes including existing one or caused by code customizations, and modifications
  • Configurations such as:
    1. favicon, logo and banner images change
    2. social login, google analytics, email, or payment/SMS gateway setup
    3. data entry operations (such as bulk import/export of users, locations, etc.)
    4. adding/removing fields from the forms
    5. issues occur due to missing software/extension on a system or server
    6. issues occurred due to third-party plugins like Dompdf, Slugify, etc.
    7. Mobile App installation and bug fixing
    8. application upgrade, files restore and re-installation
    9. string/text modifications and translations
    10. theme customizations
    11. code modification help such as asking for file name or location for specific change
    12. others
  • Customization, Theme Changes & Feature Development and Enhancements
Note: If a customization takes longer than working hours, you need to renew your support or purchase more working hours to complete it. We will let you know by email or phone about the status of customization.

$ 199.00
5 Hours/30 Days Priority Technical Support with Customizations