Why niche or local directories succeed?

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Why niche or local directories succeed?

Most people are usually at a crossroad when deciding the type of online directory to launch. A quick search of the web will bring you a long list of directory sites that was started with the intent to succeed but have been neglected due to the wrong choice when starting out. While it might seem mouthwatering to launch a directory with all market segments, you might want to consider launching a site dedicated to a specific niche or locality. Niche or local directories are easier to start, quicker to generate traffic and can be easily monetized than other types of directories. Below are some of the reasons why niche or local directories succeed:

Easier to hit the ground running

A directory with millions of members might seem attractive, but it’s not easy to accomplish. National directories require you to hire a team of marketing and sales agents for its full functionality. They require significant backings and face stiff competition. National directories are quite expensive to launch and maintain than niche or local directories. Launching a directory for a specific niche market for example, “Tattoos or Brewers” will allow you to focus on the target market, contact members and sell listings. Niche or local directories allow you to hit the ground running.

Make clients feel like they belong

One of the easiest ways to sell listing is to convince prospective clients that they are exactly at the place where people can find them. Making them feel as though the website was built for them and is in line with the services they offer. This can easily convince clients that they can be found among other members in their niche and allow them to list with a niche directory rather than a national directory.

Easier to generate relevant traffic

Local directories have the potential to generate relevant traffic in their chosen niche which helps to rank them higher in search results and contributes to their success. The traffic generated by niche or local directories is targeted traffic. This makes it easier for them to rank high in their keywords categories and consequently leads to improved relevancy and more targeted traffic, which can be easily monetized.

Easier to launch and maintain

Not only are niche directories easier to setup than national directories, but they are also easier to maintain than running a national directory. With a local directory, you can put keyword-relevant content and relevant advert for visitors. A well-designed, nicely organized and visually appealing local directory can also engage visitors and allow them to spend quality time navigating through the website. It is also easier to control the influx of irrelevant, low-quality website in a local directory than in a national directory. This contributes to the success of local directories by lowering the site bounce rate and alerting search engines on the importance of the directory.

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