Software Selling PHP Script

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Software Selling PHP Script

We launched our first script in 2015. To avoid development time, we decided to use Joomla as our software selling script. Joomla and Wordpress are open source content management system for publishing web content only, they cannot be used for software selling without third party plugins/extensions.

We started with form building, so we bought a $22.00 form extension to configure our Contact Us Form with automatic email management.

To sell our PHP Script, we bought a $49.00 eCommerce extension from a third party website.  The purchased extension was only intended for the sale of product, there was no subscription option.

It worked fine for a few days, but one day we encountered a sale without payment. Someone downloaded the application without paying the amount, so we decided to change the extension.

We were also looking for a subscription system to sell subscriptions. We found an open-source extension for this task, but it only supported subscription selling, no product sale. We used this extension for a few years with its default configuration. We want to change some settings in it but we found it difficult to modify.

After a few days, a need for a Ticket System arises to manage and maintain lists of issues. We bought an extension of $60.00 for this task, but that did not solve our objectives, so we bought another $39.00 extension for our Ticket-system.

We sold our software this way for 1 year, then one day our team realized that we must have a system where we can keep track of all the users who view our Demo and follow them on regular basis. We purchased another $45.00 extension.

To gain more exposure and to promote our product, a need for a blogging system arises. Again, we bought an extension of $45.00 for this task. With blogs, comments are a must, so we also bought a $22.00 comment extension and started posting blogs on our website.

The website did not rank well even after using paid extensions. We searched the internet to improve SEO in Joomla, we found several extensions and then finally bought an extension of $35.00 to manage our pages for SEO.  

We also bought other extensions which cost us around $140.00. This way, we spent over $500.00 to set up our eCommerce site.

We sell our script by encrypting it via IONCUBE LOADER, so we needed an extension that can automate the license generation task and our customers can download a license from our website after their purchase. We did not find any extension for such a task and finally we ended writing our own PHP code to make it work.

However, after so much hard work and spending so much money, one day someone hacked our Joomla website and downloaded the entire code along with our site. We did research on the Internet and found that almost all of the Joomla and Wordpress sites are hackable. They are good for dynamic content but not reliable for money related activities. Many tools are available online to hack these platforms.

We have also setup an online discussion forum. A lot of free solutions are available online, we picked one from Google and started our discussion Forums, but after a week, we found a lot of spammers on our forums. We configured Google Captcha, installed spammer blocking plugins but nothing worked.

Finally, we decided to build our own solution, so that we can customize it as per our requirements and make it more secure. And here we are with our eCommerce Script which solved all of our mentioned issues along with advanced features.


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