Are Business directories worth the money?

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Are Business directories worth the money?

The interest in a business directory website has increased spectacularly due to its potential of becoming an income generating business. It makes good sense to develop and maintain such a site for its earning potential while at the same time listed businesses gain by advertising on the platform. However, most people who try their hand at directory sites fail due to lack of planning and poor management; most of them find it difficult to monetize their business directory websites.

What your directory website should include?

Before making money on your directory website, you’ve to generate traffic and convert visitors to clients. There are a few essential things your business directory website should include to make it more attracting and appealing to visitors and potential customers who would like to submit their listing. Below are some of the things you need to focus on to turn your directory into an income-generating business?

Focus On Quality

While you might be tempted to fill your directory with listing from anybody so as to increase your profit, have in mind that most people visit directory websites in the hope to find reliable and quality information. To get more people to visit your directory, your primary focus should be to include only quality and reliable listing in it.

Search and filter options

Since your directory website is going to have a lot of listing and information, it’s essential to include a search functionality to allow visitors to access specific listing and information faster. You can also improve the search functionality by including the ability to filter by location and category. This will appeal to visitors as it allows them to navigate through tons of listing and information in your directory.

Front-End Submission Form

It is important to include a submission form in your directory so that businesses who are interested in submitting their listing can do so easily. This will reduce your workload and also appeal to clients.

How to make money with an Online Business Directory?

Making money with your business directory is quite easy if the necessary procedures are followed. After generating traffic, here are some ways to monetize your directory website.

Paid listings

The most obvious way of generating income on a directory website is promoted the listing. Clients will pay you to get their business listed on your directory. You can charge between $50 to $1,000 per listing depending on your niche, listing placement and length of stay. You can also offer different pricing plans each with different benefits. Be clear about why customers should buy listings on your site, the cost of each plan, and what they get in return. Make it easy and convenient for them to buy listings. You can also offer free listing services to attract clients who may later pay for a listing service.

Upgraded packages

You can include upgraded packages for those who are willing to pay more. Offer clients to feature their business on your front-page at an extra cost. You can also entice them by offering a higher page rank on search. The more visitors to site the more attractive the featured listings.


You can earn a large income from advertisements once you’ve built sufficient traffic to make your site an attractive place for advertisers. You can sell advertising by allowing banners, text ads, and video ads to be put at some specific positions on your site.

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