Grow your business with our Subscribers module. Provide your users with a form where they can register themselves and follow them on a regular basis to drive engagement and sales. You can add unlimited forms as per your requirements e.g. Demo Users, Subscribed Users, Newsletter, etc.

Before adding a subscription form, we must add a new group.

How to Add a Group?

  • Go to Components->Susbcribers->Groups and click the Add Group button to add a new subscriber group.
  • Enter a name for your Group.
  • If the name text is a language string, click The Name Text is a Language String? checkbox.
  • Add a Success Message, this is the text that will be displayed to your users on their successful registration under this group.
  • If the Success Message text is a language string, click The Message Text is a Language String? checkbox.
  • Select an Icon for your group.
  • The group may also be re-ordered by specifying a value in the priority field. Enter a lower value to display this group at the top of the list.
  • If you want to notify your subscribers automatically on their registration, click the Notify the subscriber-only if the email/phone exists? checkbox.
  • Check the Status checkbox to make your Group active.
  • Click the Save button to save your group.

Once a group is added, you can assign fields to it. This is optional and only required, if you are planning to collect user's information through a subscriber form on your website.

How to Assign Fields to a Group?

  • Click the Assign fields button in front of your group.
  • Select fields using checkboxes. You can also add your own fields through our Developer->Fields section.
  • Use the priority fields to re-order them. Enter a lower value in the priority field to display a field at the top of the list.
  • You can also make a field Required by clicking the Required radio button.
  • Click the Save button to save your selection.

Note: You can only set required field validation here, the other validations such as a valid email, a valid phone number, a minimum/maximum length, etc. can be specified via Developer->Fields.

Once fields are assigned, you can display this form on your website via our Developer->Themes module. Edit the selected page and use the code as follows:

echo theme_view('widgets/subscribers/_demo_01', array('heading_text' => 'heading_sd01', 'heading_text_lang' => 1, 'group_id' => GROUP ID, 'btn_label' => 'send', 'btn_label_lang' => 1));

Do not forget to replace the GROUP ID value with your group id.

How to Add Email/SMS Notification Templates?

You can configure automatic email/SMS notifications relevant to recipients of your group. Messages will be sent automatically without your intervention.

  • Go to Components->Subscribers->Templates and click the Add Template button.
  • Select your Group from the dropdown field.
  • Select an Action Type
    • Add: The notification will be sent on user registration.
    • Edit: The notification will be sent on user modification.
    • Delete: The user will be notified on deletion.
  • Give a name to your Template.
  • Enter a Subject. Valid for Email notifications only.
  • Enter your email text in the Message field.
  • Enter your SMS message in the SMS Text field.
  • Click the Save button to save your template.

You can also add dynamic fields like subscribers name, email, phone_number, etc. in your text messages to have more personal, one-to-one relationships with your recipients. Click the Available Fields button to view all available dynamic fields.

How to Add a Subscriber Manually?

  • Go to Components->Subscribers->Subscribers and click the Add Subscriber button to add a new subscriber manually. The Subscribers form is not limited to specific fields, this will display all the fields assigned to subscribers module via Developer->Fields.
  • Type a name and select a group from the list. A subscriber can also be in multiple groups, select subscriber groups as per your requirements.
  • Enter the name of your subscriber.
  • Enter subscribers Email, Phone Number, Address and Postcode.
  • Select a city by typing a name in the City field.
  • Enter the source of the information in the Info Source field. e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • If you want to send a notification automatically on user registration, check the Notify User checkbox. This will send the preconfigured message at Components->Subscribers->Templates.
  • Click on the Save button to save your subscriber.

It is useful when you want to collect data manually based on variables of interest, in an established systematic way that allows one to answer research questions, promote products and evaluate outcomes.

How to Filter Subscribers?

You can filter subscribers based on Group, Date Range and City.

  • Go to Components->Subscribers->Subscribers and click the Filter button.
  • Fill the values as per your requirements and click the Submit button.

How to Manage Followups?

Followup with customers is an important thing to ensure quicker sales closure. The true importance of following up with customers is well known amongst sales.

  • Visit Components->Subscribers->Subscribers to view your subscribers' list.
  • Under the Actions column, click the Followup icon.
  • This will display you all the subscriber-specific followups.
  • Click the Add Followup button to add a new followup.
  • Enter Remarks. A remark is a statement that you are willing to communicate with your customers in the future.
  • Select a Next Follow Up date and click the Save button to save your Follow up.

To view all followups, visit Components->Subscribers->Followups. If you are not able to view all rows click the Clear Filter icon.

Use the Filter button to view Today or specific date followups.

How to Export Subscribers?

  • Visit Components->Susbcribers->Groups and under the Actions column, click the Export Excel/Export PDF icons to download the group-specific users in PDF and Excel format.
  • If you only want to view them, click the Subscribers icon.

You can also export subscribers via Components->Subscribers->Export link. The best option if the list of your subscribers is large.

  • Click on the Export tab in the upper right corner.
  • If you want to export specific group users select a Group. 
  • Limit the number of subscribers by specifying a value in the Limit field.
  • Use the Offset field to specify the offset of the first row to be returned.
  • Use the Date From and Date To field to export subscribers registered between a specific date range.
  • Select a Format and click the Submit button.

How to send an Email and Text SMS to a specific subscriber?

  • Go to Components->Subscribers->Subscribers and enter a keyword in the search field to find your subscriber.
  • Under the Actions column, click the Send Email icon to send an Email.
  • Similarly, you can click on the Send SMS icon to send a Text message on the user's mobile number.

Note: The Send Email icon will be visible only if the subscriber has an Email, similarly the Send SMS option will be available only if the user has a phone number.

How to Add a New Status?

Most of the statuses are already added to the application. You can also add new ones as per your requirements.

  • Visit the Manage Status tab and click on the Add Status button.
  • Fill in the information and click the Save button.

This status will now be displayed in the Status dropdown field while adding or modifying a subscriber.