Send SMSs to your subscribers easily through our Messages module. Before sending SMSs, please configure your SMS pack at Settings->SMS Gateways and test it.

How to Send an SMS/Text Message to Subscribers?

Before sending a message, let us add a new message template to the application. A template is a great way to improve your SMS marketing follow. No need to type the same message again and again. Write it once and use it in your future communications.

How to Add a Message Template?

  • Visit Components->Messages and click the Templates link.
  • Click the Add Template button to add a new template.
  • Give a name to your template.
  • Enter your text in the Message field. This is the message that will be sent to your users.
  • Click the Save button to save your template.

Adding a template is optional, you can also send your message directly.

  • Go to Components->Messages and visit the New Message link to send a new message.
  • Select your template from the Load Template dropdown field. This will automatically populate the Message field. Leave this field blank for a custom message.
  • You can send a message to a Group, Specific Numbers and Specific IDs. Select value as per your requirements.
    • Group: Send your message to a specific subscriber group. To view all groups, visit Components->Subscribers->Groups.
    • Specific Numbers: Enter mobile numbers in the Message to Specific Numbers field. The numbers must be in a comma-separated format. e.g. 9999999999, 8888888888
    • Specific IDs: Select an ID range. This is the ID of the subscriber. To view all subscribers, visit Components->Subscribers->Subscribers.
  • Select the status of the subscriber to whom you would like to send your message. This field value applies only to Group and Specific IDs.
  • If you are sending your message to a specific group, you can also set a limit and an offset. The Limit field can be used to limit the number of rows. The Offset is used with the limit to specify the offset of the first row to be returned.
  • Send message to specific country numbers by selecting a Phone Code from the list. This is an optional field, leave it blank to send your message to all numbers.
  • The message contains the text that will be delivered to your customers. You can enter your message manually here or use a predefined template.
  • To send your message on a specific date, enter a date-time value in the Schedule On field. Leave blank to queue this message immediately on save.
  • You can also limit the number of messages to be sent on a specific date. For example, if you are sending your message to 10000 subscribers and want to limit the message to 1000 subscribers per day, enter 1000 in the Schedule Limit field.
  • Use the Schedule Interval field to send your message on alternate days. Valid only if the schedule limit field is filled.
  • Select a priority for your message. The High priority message will be sent first.
  • Click the Save button to send your message to the Message Queue.

What is a Message Queue?

The message queue provides temporary message storage when your sender is busy or not connected. By default, all messages are sent to the Message Queue. The message queue is automatically processed using Cronjob. If your SMS provider has an Hourly sending limit, change the Hourly SMS Limit (Bulk SMS) limit at Settings->Settings->Developer tab.

How to manually process the Queue?

  • Go to Components->Messages->Message Queue to view all the sent/pending messages. Chose an action as per your requirement:
    • Process Selected: Process selected rows only. This will also resend the message to the selected subscriber.
    • Process Now: Send all pending messages.
    • Clear Queue: Click this button to clear the Queue.
    • Clear Sent: Delete all sent messages from the Message Queue.
    • Clear Pending: Delete all pending messages from the Queue.