You can organize fields and links using the Groups module. After adding a group, you can add fields under that group via Developer->Fields section.

How to add a Group?

  • To add a new group, visit Developer->Groups and click the Create Group link.
  • Enter a name in the Name field, this string will be displayed to the user. If the name is a multilanguage string, check The Name Text is a Language String? checkbox.
  • If you want to display a help/info text with your group, enter your text in the Help Tooltip field. If your text is a multilanguage string, check The Help Tooltip Text is a Language String? checkbox.
  • Select a class for your help/info text. If you want to display text over a blue background, select Primary from the dropdown field. All the values in this field are the default Bootstrap alert classes.
  • Assign a fontawesome icon to your group using the Icon field.
  • Set the position of your group using the Order field. Lower value groups are always displayed on the top.
  • You can assign a Control Class and Condition to your group. These are for jQuery operations, you can leave them blank.
  • If you have created this group only to organize Fields, check the Fields check. Check the Links checkbox to organize links under this group.
  • Click the Save & Exit button to save your group.

How to Order Groups?

  • Click the Order Groups tab in the upper right corner to change the order of your groups.
  • Drag and drop group, and click the Save button.