Google Analytics

Note: To use Google Analytics, you must have an Analytics account.

Fill these settings to enable User Tracking on your Dashboard.

Allow Analytics: Check this box to enable Google Analytics visitors tracking.

Client ID, Service Account, Key File and Application Name:

  • Go to and create a new project. Give it a name (Use this name as Application Name ) and profile ID.
  • Select your project > APIs & auth > Credentials > Then create a new Client ID, select Service Account, when done, press "Generate new p12 key" and upload that Key File.
  • Under Service Account, make note of Client ID and Service Account Name (Email address)
  • Click the APIs link under APIs & Auth and search for Analytics API. Click the Enable API button.
  • Remember to add the email address of your service account to the Google Analytics profile. You might have got the email address (something like for the service account by looking under the "API Access" tab in the Google APIs console. Sign in to your Google Analytics account, select the Admin tab and navigate to the desired account. Click User Management, under Add permissions for, enter the email address for the user's Google Account.

Profile ID: Login with your Google Analytics Account and get last eight digits from the URL:********/

No. of Days from Now: By default, you will see the last seven days of history. Change this value to higher or lower as per your requirements.

Note: Your Google Analytics account must have a Universal ID to display graph on your website.