All the images that are added on Listings, Blogs, Classifieds, Deals, Events, Jobs, Products and Properties are displayed here. An image must be set to active to make it visible to the frontend users.

You can activate or deactivate an image as per your requirements. To delete an image select it using the checkbox and click the Delete button in the footer.

The tabs section has the following tabs:

  • Listings: Visit this tab to view Listing specific images. A listing can have a Logo, Cover and Gallery Images.
  • Products: This tab displays the product-specific images. A product can only have a Cover and Gallery Images.
  • Classifieds: Similar to products, you can view classified images by clicking on the Classifieds tab.
  • Events: Click the Events tab for images posted on all events.
  • Properties: Visit this tab to view the properties module images.
  • Jobs: This link displays the images posted on all jobs.
  • Deals: Click the Deals tab for deals images.
  • Blogs: Visit the Blogs section to view blog posted images.

Generate Thumbnails

Sometimes we are not satisfied with the default thumbnail images. You can change the thumbnail size via Settings->Settings->Listing tab and regenerate them here.

Simply select the modules using the checkboxes and click the Submit button.