Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that the system runs at predefined intervals. Typically, a cron job contains a series of tasks that the system runs from a script or a url.

You need to set three cron_jobs for GoClixy

  • Invoicing: To send payment reminder emails to customer. 
  • Sitemap: To generate sitemap automatically after few days.
  • Categories Count: To update number of listings in a category.

Next we configure our cron job as you would any other, except that the path you provide in a special format.

Commands are as follows:

  • php /path/to/index.php cron_jobs invoicing
  • php /path/to/index.php cron_jobs sitemap
  • php /path/to/index.php cron_jobs categories_count

The first part is the php command.

The second part is the absolute path to your GoClixy installed location e.g. home/<username>/public_html/index.php.

The third part is the controller name, followed by the method name.

How to create a Cron Job?

To create a cron job on your server, perform the following steps:

  • Select how often you want to run the cron job from appropriate menus, or enter values in the given text boxes.
  • Common Settings: This option allows you to select a commonly used interval. The system configures the appropriate settings in the minute, hour, day, month, week text boxes automatically for you.
    • Invoicing: 1 Day
    • Sitemap: 1 Week
    • Categories Count: 1 Day
  • Minute: Select the number of minutes between each time the cron job is running, or minute each time you want to run the cron job.
  • Time: Select the number of hours between each time the cron job is running.
  • Day: Select Day of the month on which to run the cron job.
  • Weekday: Select the days of the week on which to run the cron job.
  • In the Command text box, type the command you want the server to operate.
  • Click the Add New Cron Job button

Edit a Cron Job

  • Find the cron job that you want to edit and click the Edit button.
  • Modify the settings and click Edit Line .

Delete a cron job

  • Click the  Delete link next to the cron job that you want to delete.

How to generate a sitemap?

Login to the Admin Panel, visit Settings->Cronjobs and click on the Run link infront of the Generate Sitemap. This will generate a new sitemap.xml file in the public_html folder of your website.

https://YOUR DOMAIN/sitemap.xml