In order to create an APK file, we need to install the following softwares:


First thing we need to do is to install nodejs, you can get the installer from their official website at: Download the package as per your Operating System. For this manual, we have downloaded the Windows 32bit MSI package:

NodeJS Installer

Execute the installer and just go through the process.

Git - Bash

IONIC uses Git to install plugins and other resources, so it is a good idea to install Git to install IONIC. You can download the Git installer from:

Git Installer

During installation, you will be asked to chose the default editor. For this manual, we will be using Notepad++, so we have chosen Notepad++ as the default editor. You can download the Notepad++ at

Git Installer - 03

For the easiest experience, use Git from Gitbash not from the windows command prompt.

Git Installer - 02

Install Java

Download Java Runtime Environment for Windows/Mac and install it. Visit the Java website and download the installer.

Download Java

After Installation, set the Environment path (Windows Only).

Open command prompt and type the command below to verify the Environment path:

javac -version

If the JDK does not show up, check the Environment path.

Android Studio

Before you get started, you will need to ensure that you have installed JDK (Java Development Kit) on your PC.

Download the installer from the Android Studio home page and run the installer by double clicking the downloaded EXE file.
Follow the instructions on the setup wizard to install Android Studio.

Download Android Studio

Xcode IDE (Mac Users Only)

You can download the installer from the Apple download section. You need to have Apple account in order to download it. If you do not have an account on Apple then create a new one.

Xcode IDE Installer

Install IONIC and Cordova CLI

Next, we will install IONIC and Cordova CLI, we will do it using the Gitbash terminal. So to do that we will execute the following commands:

npm install -g cordova ionic

Install Ionic

If you already have Cordova and Ionic installed on your computer, make sure you update to the latest version:

npm update -g cordova ionic

Update Icon