Prepare images

Logo, Icon,Splash Screen and Background Images

Create four different images for your Mobile App to display your site brand identity.


Size: 128 x 128 px (png)

The logo image is used in the Login screen.


Size: 1920 x 1280 px (jpg)

The background image is the image that appears behind
everything in your Mobile App.


Size: 1024 x 1024 px (png, psd, ai)
Note: The Icon image should have no corners.

The icon is a graphic that represents your app on the device's screen.


Size: 2800 x 2800 px (png, psd, ai)
Note: Artwork should be centered within the square, knowing that each generated image will be center cropped into landscape and portrait images.

A Mobile App takes some time to start up, especially when the app is first launched on a device. A splash screen is used to display the start up progress to the user or to indicate branding.

Replace Images

  • Go to goclixy/www/img/ folder and replace the logo (logo.png) and background (background.jpg) files with your images.

  • Copy icon and splash files. Go to goclixy/resources folder and paste them. Overwrite existing images.