Prepare files

Before proceeding further, we need to change the default settings. Make the changes as follows:

Mobile App Changes

  • Download the GoClixy installation package from our official website and extract the downloaded file to a folder on your hard drive.

  • Next you will need to open the Mobile file, and extract the contents in a folder.

  • Open the extracted folder. Go to goclixy/www/js/ folder and open the app.js file in your favorite text editor. For this manual, we are using Notepad++ as the Editor.

  • Find and replace the URL constant with your Domain URL. e.g.

  • GoClixy uses the HTTP authorization header to provide
    authentication to the web service, so change the default login credentials in the Authorization constant.

  • Save the file.

Web App Changes

  • Go to the application/config folder and open the rest.php file in a Text Editor.
    NOTE: If your website is online, make these changes online using FTP/cPanel File Manager.

  • Go to line number 213 and update the rest_valid_logins details with your username and password that you used earlier in the app.js file above.

  • Also change the authentication from session to basic at line number 113.
    NOTE: If you are not using the Mobile App, change the
    authentication to Session for security reasons.

  • Save the file.

Test the Application

Next we will test the application.

  • On Windows, open Git Bash using the Start button.
    On OS X, open your Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder to open the Terminal application.

  • Go to goclixy folder using the cd command and run ionic serve to view app on your desktop browser. We moved the extracted goclixy folder to our desktop, so we used cd ~/Desktop/goclixy.

  • This will open up a browser with a preview of App. You should be able to see the categories and other information in App preview.