The Activities module provides a simple way to view all the activities (add, edit, delete operations) of any module. Activities give you a clearer picture of what your visitors are doing while they are accessing your website. They are very useful to find out what logged in users are getting up to on your website. The activities focus on back-end tasks and activities, such as logging in, editing content, working with modules, modifying information, and in some cases, a whole lot more. The records include the user, activity with IP address, module, and date when action performed. The activities are very easy to read and allow you to filter the activities by the user, activity, module, and date, as well as being able to search the history.

Activities Home

For example, to find out when the last change was made to the listings module, Filter activities by Modules and search for listings keyword, this will show the date and other information when the last change was made to this module.
Activities User

Other options on the activities page allow you to manually clear the logs.

You can also clean all the activities by clicking the Delete Your Activities button as shown below:
Activities Cleanup


The visitor's section will show you the number of visitors that have been to your website. You can also show captcha to users after specific visits, useful if the visitor is a robot. Please refer to theĀ Settings->Security section for captcha configuration.

To view visitors, go to Reports->Activities and click the Visitors tab as shown below:
Activities Visitors

This module shows the number of unique visitors to your website.

  • IP Address: Your website visitors IP address
  • Visits: Total visits to your website by this IP Address
  • Created On: First visit date and time
  • Last Visit: Last visit date and time
  • Today's Counter: Today's visits