Matrimonial Mobile App (Source Code only)

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By GoClixy

GoClixy Mobile App Matrimonial is a hybrid application built using IONIC Framework v5. By purchasing this service, you will get the complete mobile app source code. Follow our manual to build it for your website. As our Mobile Apps are hybrid, they will run on both Android and iPhone.

NOTE: We do not take Mobile App customization, the Mobile App is provided only as an add-on. It is also not covered under our 1 Year Priority Technical support and Installation Services. The Mobile App build is a time-consuming job, it takes more than 2 hours to build a single android APK, as it involves SPLASH GENERATION, ICON CHANGES, PUSH NOTIFICATION SETUP, REST CONFIGURATION ON YOUR WEBSITE, and much more. If you want to get it build from our end, buy our Mobile App build services.

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Matrimonial Mobile App (Source Code only)